Monday, August 11, 2014

6 Movie Updates: Title and Date Changes!

From Movie Titles to Scheduling Dates, there have been quite a few updates made recently, to the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and UP-TV...!

Here are the recent changes/updates...

Hallmark Channel:

Midnight Masquerade – Premiere Date moved to September 27, 2014.

My Boyfriends’ Dogs – Premiere Date moved to October 18, 2014.

(*A little insider news on this one – it was chosen to air in October to help promote the upcoming Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies!)

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:

(First of all, the network Hallmark Movie Channel will update it's name and become Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on October 1st!)

Along Came a Nanny (formerly titled Man Maid) – Premiere Date moved to October 12, 2014.

(*This is the one that stars Cameron Mathison!)

Wedding Planner Mystery – Premiere Date moved to October 19, 2014.


My Other Mother (formerly titled Mary Jo’s Candy) - Premiere Date moved to September 21, 2014.

Coffee Shop: Love is Brewing - (they have added on to the name, it was formerly just titled Coffee Shop)

Wow, 6 different movie changes... 2 for each network. Do you like the changes? Please let me know in comments below!

Just Click on the Movie Titles above for more details on each movie: including cast info, plot outline, images, and more…

Please be sure to update these date/name changes in your calendars!


  1. I like that Autumn's movie is coming out this month! YES!
    I also like that the Man Maid (I like that title better) is coming out soon.

    Mostly, I'm glad we have you to help us keep it all straight for us!


    1. Yes, Hallmark moved the movie Midnight Masquerade up one month... so the wait won't be quite as long.

      And, I agree I kind of liked Man Maid better, too. Oh well.... Either way it stars Cameron Mathison!

      Enjoy all the Wonderful Movies! You're welcome!


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