Monday, April 28, 2014

Mysteries abound in the Family Drama "Granite Flats"

There’s a fascinating family drama that airs Sunday Nights on BYU called Granite Flats.

The story is based in the 1960s, during the cold war, and focuses on the small town of Granite Flats, and the people who live in it. I think of it as “American Dreams” meets "Nancy Drew". If you love the history, music, clothes, and cars of the 60’s, mixed in with mystery, then you will love this series.

Chief Sanders and Agent Scott investigate citizens whose loyalties are questionable.

“In the small, quintessentially American town of Granite Flats, Colorado, the Cold War rumbles underneath the lives of a group of school children, the Chief of Police, and the staff at the local Army base and VA hospital. Three unlikely young heroes, the school science geeks, have banded together to form their own private detective agency, but the implications of what they’re investigating is actually bigger and more serious than anyone realizes. The tale of Granite Flats unfolds through the perspectives of an ensemble of diverse and multi-generational characters. The kid detectives end up in the middle of it all, gaining insight into the complicated political world that becomes the backdrop to their own coming of age experiences.” (via Press release)

Arthur, Timmy, and Madeline solve the mysteries of Granite Flats.

Granite Flats is currently airing its 2nd season on BYU. If you would like to catch up or simply check out season 1, then you can watch the episodes online, here.

New episodes air on Sunday nights, on BYU, at 9PM/8c. Repeats at midnight and then again, on Tuesday night.

Season 2 of Granite Flats includes well known Guest Actors:
Christopher Lloyd, Cary Elwes, Ivan Sergei, and Finola Hughes

Here’s a description of Season 2, via BYU: “It's one year later in Granite Flats and the mysteries are only getting more cryptic. The three young detectives stumble upon dangerous evidence as Chief Sanders and the FBI look into the missing satellite. Old friends become enemies. Unlikely alliances are born. Everyone is keeping a secret – or at least knows more than they're admitting.”

Each character in Granite Flats has an interesting story to tell.
The cast of Granite Flats will be doing an interview on Home and Family, on the Hallmark Channel, Tuesday, April 29th at 10AM/9c. (repeats April 30th at 12PM/11c.)
I hope many of you will enjoy this family drama.


  1. Ewwwww.... This looks good. How have I missed this one? So glad you let me know about it. I am going to go check out the pilot episode.

    1. I hope you like it, too. It takes a couple episodes to get to know the characters and all... But once you do, you'll be hooked.

      This is one of those shows where you really need to see the whole story, every episode, to enjoy and understand what is taking place.

  2. Thanks Net! I have been looking for details on this show. I saw the cast was going to be on Home and Family on Tuesday and I thought what is that and then I come here and of course you have a post about it! I love it! You're the best. Truly!

    I agree with the above comment. It does look good and like you, I love a good mystery! Thanks again!

    1. That is so cool! Glad I could help!

      Hope you can check out the show online, plus their interview, and the new shows on BYU!

      Glad you love mysteries as much as I do! : )

  3. In order to watch the episodes on the site you have to register. Just an FYI for your followers.

    1. I appreciate the info and I'm sure others do, too. Thank you!

  4. Is this show family friendly?

    1. Granite Flats is promoted as a family drama. It has not contained any Language, that I have noticed. Also, there has not been any suggestive/sexual situations. Refreshingly different than most tv content. Please know, however, there is, at times, some violence and intense situations... as they are searching for spies.

      I would say this series is best for mature pre-teens and up. Younger viewers would probably not understand the depth of the storyline. I think it is also a fun way of learning a little history from the 60's, too!

  5. I caught Home and Family this morning and remembered you said the cast members would be on, so I kept watching to see them. I really enjoyed the clip from the show and the way they talked about the series made me really interested in watching it now. I've always been a Nancy Drew fan, so I hope I will like this too. You said we should watch it from the beginning. Will we be completely lost if we don't?

    1. You asked: Will you be lost, if you don't watch it from the beginning?

      My answer: Probably.

      You will, of course, understand the characters a great deal more if you have know their history of what has brought them to this moment in time.

      Plus, there is a Mystery that is being discovered piece by piece, episode by episode...

      If you are able to see the episodes online, then please do so, here:

      But, if that doesn't work for you, then give the show a try on Sunday nights, on BYU-TV, at 9 PM.

      You can also see the latest show on Tuesday nights at 8 PM, and repeats at 11 PM.

      Please note: this show airs on BYU-TV, which is known as a Mormon station, but this is not a Mormon show.


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