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Monday, March 24, 2014

Can you solve this Hallmark Movie Mystery?

In the fall of 2014, the Hallmark Movie Channel will be changing it's name to "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries" and will be expanding with more Mystery Movies in 2015!

For those of you who enjoyed the Movie, "Garage Sale Mystery", starring Lori Loughlin, (from When Calls the Heart, Full House) you will be happy to know they are planning to continue the storyline from the original 2013 Hallmark Channel movie with a series of follow-up movies. (the premiere movie is available on DVD)

Here's the scoop directly from Hallmark's press release:

"Hallmark Movie Channel is excited to announce the launch of a new development deal of the network’s first-ever Original Mystery Wheel Franchise with three contemporary original series of mystery movies. Within the Mystery Wheel Franchise for 2015, is a three-part, two-hour series of films airing in alternation of each other."

"...The first movie of the franchise will be “Garage Sale Mystery,” starring Lori Loughlin. In “Garage Sale Mystery,” Lori Loughlin will star as Jennifer Shannon, an expert garage sale treasure hunter, who has a keen eye for detail and natural problem solving instincts, which inspire her to help the police solve mysteries and crime. The movie franchise will continue to follow Jennifer as she scours the sales for hidden treasures and clues."

"The second wheel stars Dylan Neal (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”) who will star in and executive produce, “The Gourmet Detective,” based on the series of books by Peter King.  Neal’s real- life wife Becky Southwell will write the movies about the chef turned culinary sleuth.  In “The Gourmet Detective,” a culinary whiz uses his mastery of food, drink and cooking to solve crimes of the culinary world.  Whether it’s the theft of a valuable recipe or a suspicious murder in the middle of a five-star restaurant, his insight, skills and encyclopedic knowledge of all things edible always lead him to the culprit."

"The third component to the movie series will be announced shortly." 

*See UPDATE below!!!!

Hmmm... that sounds interesting? For now, the 3rd Mystery is a Mystery!

Let's do a little sleuthing....
Could it be?....

I have a hunch... Anything is Possible! I'll do my best to track down the answer and let you know. Until, further notice... everyone is Suspect!

So, why the switch to a Mystery format, you might ask?

Well, here's our first clue: the Hallmark Channel has been quite successful in the past with their Mystery Movies, including "the highly-rated movie series ...“Mystery Woman,” starring Kellie Martin, “McBride” starring John Larroquette, “Jane Doe” with Lea Thompson and “Murder 101” featuring Dick Van Dyke."

"Hallmark Movie Channel, the second linear channel from Crown Media Holdings, Inc., simulcast in SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition), is a trusted family-friendly network devoted to quality storytelling. Available in 53 million homes and one of the fastest-growing cable TV networks..."

I sure wish one of those 53 million homes was mine! Please DirecTV - add Hallmark Movie Channel to your SD (Standard Definition) Line-up! Millions of DirecTV customers are still waiting and hoping for this channel!

As for the third set of Mystery Movies...
Until we get a breakthrough in this case,
or, we get word... via our shoe phone,
I suspect we will all be in Suspense!

*UPDATE (7/9/2014):
We now know the name, identity, and star of the 3rd Mystery Movie -
please click here for details!


  1. What a fun post to read....can't to see the movies

    1. Me too! Just hope they eventually play them on the reg. Hallmark Ch., too!

  2. Love your updates! Also this is why I have Dish instead of Direct TV.

  3. I LOVE MYSTERIES - excited to see Mystery Movies returning. Why isn't Lori Laughlin returning (Garage Sale Mystery)? Dylan Neal would not have been my favorite. On Cedar Cove I find his character iffy and boring - I'm not a fan of Cedar Cove. What happened to John Larroquette or Kellie Martin?

    1. Lori Loughlin will be reprising her role in “Garage Sale Mystery,” as Jennifer Shannon, an expert garage sale treasure hunter! I thought she was wonderful in the premiere movie, and I think a series of follow up movies is an excellent idea!

      As for Dylan Neal, I think it's nice he and his wife will be creating this new series together. Sounds interesting, to me. But then again, I always love a good mystery!

      I suppose they just decided to end the John Larroquette and Kellie Martin Mystery Movies. Kellie, of course, continues to do many original Made-for-TV movies on the Hallmark Channel.

  4. Oh, Great!! I was so hoping they would do a take off of "Garage Sale Mystery". I enjoyed the movie so much, I pre-ordered the DVD. I'm excited to hear about the airing of "Gourmet Detective" with Dylan Neal. He had a "detective thing" going on in Cedar Cove which I loved about him. As far as "My Gal Sunday" or Mystery Cruise", I would love either one or both!!!! Way to go Hallmark Movie Channel; so glad I have both!!

    1. I was so excited to share this news! It sounds like such a fun series of Mystery Movies! Garage Sale Mystery was well received from the moment it first aired, that people were begging for more - so I had a hunch they might try to make more! It's good to hear they are bringing Lori back for it, too. Wouldn't it be fun if they could get John Stamos or Candace Cameron Bure to be in one of them, too?

      I think the Dylan Neal series sounds intriguing, as well. He was always one of my favorites on Cedar Cove. I think it's very sweet he and his wife will be working together on "The Gourmet Detective".

      I'm glad you have both of these channels, Linda - so you can let me know how you enjoyed the ones on HMC!!! Have a Wonderful Day! : )

    2. Yeah! That would be awesome for a Candace Cameron or John Stamos cameo!


  5. Wonderful news! Can't wait to see these new mystery movies. I do hope they air on the Hallmark channel eventually after their original airings on HMC, since I don't have that channel anymore :( Can't wait to see more Garage Sale Mystery movies!

    1. I completely understand, Jill. I'm in the same boat - no HMC in the regular channel package on DirecTV. You have to purchase the HD receiver and an HD TV in order to get it - plus pay more monthly! I hear it's a lot better on Dish and other Cable companies, which offer it in the SD version, and lower monthly packages.

      Perhaps, they will release them eventually on DVD, too!

  6. LOL Great write up! (clapping hands) Love a mystery. Although, I'm not great solving them. I'm hoping for something new with a younger cast for the 3rd one. How about others?
    I already ordered the Lori one from a link from this site! Using the link from this site helps this site, right?


    1. Oh, I am glad you liked this post, Misty. It was fun to write!

      It's always an interesting challenge to try and solve the Mystery Movies, even if sometimes we are right, and other times... completely off base!

      Thank you for pre-ordering the "Garage Sale Mystery" movie through my site! Yes, it helps to support the site and keep it going! Much Appreciated! Enjoy your DVD and next Movie Night!!! : ) Net

    2. Here's a link: to the "Garage Sale Mystery" DVD, if anyone else would like to pre-order it, too!

    3. I really enjoy the way you make these family movies easy to watch. I think you are better personally than TV Guide. Every weekend I always re-check your web-site to be sure I see any new family movie of the week. Thank you for all you do. I am looking forward to seeing all these new mystery movies next year. I'll be sharing this news with others. Thank you. Sheila

    4. Thank you, Sheila! So glad you enjoyed this news and my site! Plus, I am always grateful when my followers share my site with such wonderful enthusiasm with their family and friends! Thank you, again, so much! Net

  7. I vote for My Gal Sunday!!! I loved that movie!!!


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