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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drew Waters and Erin Bethea star in Hallmark Western Movie "The Redemption of Henry Myers"


The Redemption of Henry Myers

Network: Hallmark Movie Channel

Original Air Date: March 23, 2014


Drew Waters ... Henry Myers
Erin Bethea ... Marilyn
Jaden Roberts ... Laura
Ezra Proch ... Will
Beau Smith ... Clay
Rio Alexander ... Mac
Luce Rains ... Sheriff Tom
Dylan Kenin ... Bob
Vic Browder ... Prisoner
Marc Comstock ... Arthur
Robert H. Doudell ... Wacky Saloon / Person
Susie Gillespie ... Townsperson / saloon
Chad Gundersen ... Mr. Clancy
John Hardman ... Bartender
Kimberly Kiegel ... Margret
Richard Kimberley ... Blacksmith
Dustin Lane ... Blacksmith's Son
Michael McCabe ... Pastor
Melissa McCurley ... Mrs. Clancy
Mike Miller ... George
Mike Ostroski ... Jim
Tish Rayburn-Miller ... Maribell
Kevin Wiggins ... Frank
Wayne D. Wilkinson ... Trapper
Harry Zimmerman ... Murvin


via Hallmark:

Henry Myers is living a hard life, surviving on the frontier any way he can - even if it means robbing a bank. After his latest heist backfires and his partners betray him and leave him for dead, Henry's life takes a surprising turn when he finds kindness and compassion from a widow and her children.

Movie Review:

Every man can change. Every man has choices. These are some of the powerful messages you will find in the movie, The Redemption of Henry Myers.

All his life, Henry has never known the love of family or God, until he is at the end of his rope.

Henry and his partners, Clay and Mac, scheme to steal money from the bank. Although, Henry is a thief, he does not intend to be a murderer and actually tries to protect the bank teller from his trigger happy friends. Henry succeeds in getting the bank money and runs to hide it at the church. In the process, he hears someone approaching, he trips backwards and the gun goes off in his hand, hitting the minister, who has just walked into the room. Henry rushes over to him in obvious distress. The minister, shocked and wounded, hands him his Bible and whispers his last words to Henry, "You can change."

One year later, on the run from Clay and Mac, dirty, unshaven, and wounded by gunshot, Marilyn, a widow, and her children Will and Laura find Henry Myers, a complete stranger, lying in the woods and take him into their home. They care for all of his needs, dress his wounds, and extend their prayers and great kindness. Henry is reluctant to accept, but is too weak to leave in his condition. Laura, from the start, is taken with Henry, and is the first to extend her love, by giving him an arm sling, made out of one of her old dresses.

Henry, eases into his new life with this family... in turn, he teaches Laura to play the guitar, and helps the boy with his shooting... and day by day, he becomes closer to the family. It is easy to see, from his clean-shaven face, to the way he responds to Marilyn and the children, he is becoming, little by little, a changed man.

Later, when Henry is well, he shares with them that he saw God's love through them, when they took him in, and the story of the Good Samaritan. One day Henry asks Marilyn if she believes a man can really be forgiven. She says yes, but has no idea how her faith will be tested.

Henry starts to believe that perhaps he can change, he can become a new man, and be forgiven, but a new revelation comes to light and his old partners Clay and Mac are getting closer to tracking him down, once again, in search still of that bank money.

Can Henry ever find that peace he's been seeking and the forgiveness he has always longed for?

In the end, it is a Powerful Story. Amazing. Deep. Full of Hope and Promise. And God's Amazing Love!

See or Skip:

Absolutely see! If you love series such as Love Comes Softly or When Calls the Heart, then you will enjoy this emotionally stirring film, as well.

My one caution: This is a true western with gunfights, etc... so please be aware of this before viewing. Probably best for mature children 10 and up.

A wonderful story about faith and forgiveness and, of course, redemption!


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