Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving + Extra Special Servings of Holiday Specials!

It's a Wonderful Time to share with Family
and Give Thanks to the Lord
for all our Blessings!
This year while the Turkey is in the oven,
or in your tummy, it's a perfect time to
sit back, relax, and have a Serving of...
*Thanksgiving themed movies on the Hallmark Channel :
*The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC!
Be sure to watch for Santa! (that's my favorite part!)
*It's "A Day of Thanks on Waltons Mountain" on the UP channel with Thanksgiving themed episodes and reunion movies, plus the original premiere movie of The Waltons - "The Homecoming: A Christmas Story".
*Classic Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Movie Channel :
"It Happened on Fifth Avenue", "Holiday Affair", and "Christmas in Connecticut".
*And, don't forget good ole Charlie Brown in "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on ABC!
*Plus, CMT will play a new TV Premiere Movie on Thanksgiving Night. They are showing A Christmas Story 2 - a sequel to the original classic, "A Christmas Story". (Please beware: I have Not seen this movie, myself, but I have read reviews that say there is Language in it.)
Available on DVD!
For all of these specials and the times they are showing -
please visit the Christmas TV Schedule!
Have a Wonderful, Blessed,
and Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
God Bless You All!


  1. Good old Charlie Brown! :)


    1. Yes, he is the best at every Holiday! Happy Thanksgiving, Misty! God bless!

  2. Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  3. Your site is my favorite. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all you do with this web-site. It makes my Christmas Movie watching so much easier.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad! Thank you! Enjoy!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Yes, the Language in Christmas Story 2 isn't good unless they decide to edit it on TV. So, if you have kids you better stick with Charlie Brown tonight. Just my thought on it. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Thank you Net for this wonderful website with great Christmas Movie information. We are thankful! T.G.

    1. Thank you for the caution on the movie, T.G. I hope they decide to edit some of the language out on CMT, too.

      Thank you for your kind words... Happy Thanksgiving!


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