Friday, June 28, 2013

Hallmark Channel's New "4th of July" Movie premieres this Weekend!


Premieres Saturday June 29th,
with repeat airings on Sunday, June 30th, too!
It's a Firecracker of a Special, which stars:
Brooke White, Christian Campbell, Michael Barbuto,
and Mercedes Ruehl.
Plot details:
 "As the Fourth of July approaches, it is up to Desiree and her siblings to put into action a plan that will save Pinewood Hills. In order for The Banners Project to help their beloved hometown recover from hard financial times, they must put their family feud aside and find harmony both on and offstage."

for times airing.

Visit the "Banner 4th of July" Page
for more details and images!


  1. Thanks for the updates!


  2. I have liked Brooke White ever since American Idol. I will definitely be watching her new movie tonight. It looks really good. Thanks Hallmark! It's nice to always be able to watch your great movies.

  3. Thank you for reminding me about this movie tonight. Will be recording it! Setting my DVR now!

  4. Brooke was great. Loved the movie! Happpy 4th everyone!

  5. From one Brooke to another - Girl, YOU ROCK!!!

  6. So glad you posted this movie. I so enjoyed watching it the first time tonight, I'm actually watching it again, right now!

  7. Why is the Hallmark Movie Channel not showing repeats of the Banner of the 4th of July as they do others, some of their repeats are repeats after repeats...I felt this movie was so entertaining. Do not understand their reasoning if there is a reason.


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