Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Hallmark Channel Musical Movie: "Banner 4th of July" starring an American Idol Alum


Banner 4th of July

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 29, 2013

Stars American Idol Alum: Brooke White and will Feature Two Original Songs Written and Recorded by Brooke White!

Christian Campbell, Brooke White,
and Michael Barbuto
"Banner 4th of July" - on set image
via Brooke White's facebook


Brooke White ... Desiree Banner
Christian Campbell ... Mitchell
Mercedes Ruehl ... Rosalind
Michael Barbuto ... Johnny


Desiree Banner (White) may own her own record company but she has struggled to find her perfect melody since leaving the band she once headlined with her brothers Mitchell (Campbell) and Johnny (Barbuto). Her departure from the band, The Banners Project, led her into a marriage that was doomed to fail and deeply damaged her relationship with Mitchell, whom she has avoided for the past ten years. Nevertheless, when Desiree's mother, Rosalind (Ruehl), suffers a heart attack, Desiree and Mitchell rush home and join their brother Johnny to be by her side. Shortly after Desiree arrives in her hometown of Pinewood Hills, she learns that the town will face bankruptcy if it can't make a bond repayment by the July 4th Holiday. Confined to bed and hating every minute of it, Rosalind, who also happens to be Mayor of Pinewood Hills, has secretly hatched a plan to repay the town's debt. Rosalind has booked The Banners Project in a reunion concert at the town's annual Fourth of July festival. The reunion concert will be a big deal, bringing in people from all over the country. The ticket sales alone will cover the debt.

As Desiree attempts to work with her brothers to conjure up a long-term solution to Pinewood's financial crisis, she must face her past mistakes head on, including the bad blood with Mitchell. As the Fourth of July approaches, it is up to Desiree and her siblings to put into action a plan that will save Pinewood Hills. In order for The Banners Project to help their beloved hometown recover from hard financial times, they must put their family feud aside and find harmony both on and offstage.

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  1. Love the images you added to this page. They make the movie come to life. I t will be great to see a 4th of July movie that isn't a war movie. They are pretty rare.

  2. Brooke White is such a great gifted musical talent. She really should have been an American Idol. She is far better than some of the other ones who were chosen IMO.

    Anywho, I will also watch the movie and look forward to hearing the band and Brooke's new songs. Are they available for download?

  3. From one Brooke to another, I Loved this Movie. The songs were all great, too. Can't wait to download them.

  4. Its too bad that this hasn't been aired in Canada (or at least I haven't been able to find it). It was filmed there, in my home town.

  5. ...and almost as soon as I posted, it was shown on Bravo channel! I got my 0.002 seconds of fame as a member of the audience in the final scene.

  6. I was on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries website and I discovered that the movie “Banner 4th of July” had its title changed to “A Family Reunion”. Do you think the title was switched due to the fact that the movie is one of the few Independence Day themed movies that Hallmark has created and the network knows that they won’t be able to air that movie on Independence Day because it interferes with their Christmas in July marathon week?

    1. Yes, I caught that just yesterday! Cuz, at first I thought... What is this? And, then I realized - it is this movie!

      I think you are exactly right, with "Christmas Keepsake" week or "Christmas in July", this movie doesn't get played much around the 4th and with this title, they can easily air it throughout the Spring and Summer!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, April 29, 2016

      It's a MarVista movie, and it carries both titles according to the MarVista YouTube page for the movie, which was posted in September 2013.


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