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Movie : Lovestruck – The Musical


Lovestruck – The Musical

Network: ABC Family

Original Air Date: April 21, 2013

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Tony Amen ... Italian groundsman
Peter Arpesella ... Voice Over Actor (voice)
Adrienne Bailon
Sammi Cecutti ... Kid Birdie
Lonell R. Childred ... International Businessman
Alexander DiPersia ... Marco
Kyle Durant ... Tom Dorian
Jordan Eisenberger ... Ball Room Guest
Brittany Forringer ... Rehersal Dinner Guest
Sarab Kamoo ... Amanda
Chelsea Kane ... Young harper
Wayne Leya ... Wedding Guest
Miranda Maleski ... Dancer
Frank McAleavey ... Airport Traveler
Terri Middleton ... Airport Traveler


Via Disney Dreaming:

“It tells the story of Harper, who is played by Jane Seymour. She was once the best dancer to ever hit the Broadway stage, but an injury caused her to leave the spotlight, become a choreographer, and raise her daughter Mirabella (Sara Paxton). When Mirabella, the star of Harper’s next big production, decides to quit the show to get married, her mother is determined to put a stop to the wedding and show Mirabella that she cannot give up her career for love, especially to marry one-time playboy Marco (Alexander John). After the long flight to the Italian wedding site, Harper takes a swig from a strange bottle that is supposed to dull the pain of an old dance injury. Instead, the elixir magically turns Harper thirty years younger!

Harper’s younger appearance (Chelsea Kane plays Young Harper) allows her to secretly infiltrate the wedding – only to confront a huge obstacle in Mirabella’s father, Ryan (Tom Wopat), who can recognize his ex-wife in any form. After he, too, experiences the reverse-aging effects of the elixir (Drew Seeley plays Young Ryan), Ryan teams with Harper to reverse the damage she’s done to Mirabella and Marco’s relationship, hopefully in time to save the wedding. Throughout this fairytale romance, Harper, Mirabella, Ryan, and Marco express themes of life and love through song and dance.”

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  1. Another ABC Famil musical? Hmmm...don't know what I think of that.


  2. i love it every time a musical come on it make me get up and start dancing can't stop love this show

  3. This movie really had the potential of being a really great family movie. The dancing and the music was great. I enjoyed that! But it begins with the unwedded couple waking up in bed together. Obviously this happens more and more these day's but why encourage it on a family station? The movie then goes on to make light of the bride sneaking out of her house as a teenager and losing her virginity at age 16??? Like that's okay ????? Well it's not okay with any of the parents I know wether they have religious views or not. Therefore this is NOT a family movie!!!!!! I recorded it so I could watch it later with my teenage daughters not knowing this content. I am so glad I previewed it first. This film has movie stars in it that my girls grew up watching on Disney channeI and the family channel so of course they would want to see it. Don't know why ABC continues to put out films on their "Family Channel" that you can't sit down and watch with your family???? It makes no sense!!!!! If they insist on doing it at least just get rid of the facade that it's a station for the family because the majority of the programming is not for the viewing of our youth!!!!!!! Very disappointed MOM!

    1. ABC Family premiered "Lovestruck the Musical" during the same time ABC premiered the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie "Remember Sunday". Therefore, I, and many other viewers, missed seeing this movie.

      I was grateful, afterwards, to receive a review of this movie, from this Mother (above)... and I hope many of you will read it, too.

      In no way would I ever endorse a movie with this content. I sincerely hope this review will warn others. I am truly appalled. Unfortunately, ABC Family can not be trusted to deliver family programming.

      I am grateful to Everyone who visits this site and takes the time to express your thoughts on Movies and More! A huge THANK YOU to the Mom, above, for taking the time to share her review...
      Again, Thank You!

  4. I for one Loved the Movie, and Its real life, not everyone waits until marriage anymore, that is way to old fashion and closed minded, if you don't want your kids to watch the movies, then Don't plain and simple, Don't bash a movie because you don't agree with most of the world now a days, we live in the present, not the past.

  5. Why is most of the main cast missing from the cast list? only two on there is Chelsea, & Alexander, the rest are missing, like Jane, Tom, Drew, & Sara, they need to be on that list, since they are part of Main Cast , thank you.

  6. No, not everyone waits anymore but they should! Read your Bible to find out why. God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Maybe ABC Family should change their venue to ABC Secular Family.

    1. I agree with Linda and I will always stand on God's word. The world may change, but my morals & beliefs remain the same.

      Doing something wrong, just because everyone else is (or seems to be) doing it, doesn't make it right, by any standard.

  7. Right on, Net, no room for compromise regarding morality!


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