Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hallmark Channel Premieres Danielle Panabaker in "Nearlyweds"

The Hallmark Channel is giving us another New Original Movie this weekend... a Romantic Comedy, “Nearlyweds”, starring Danielle Panabaker and Naomi Judd.

Hallmark Channel
Saturday - January 12, 2013

Three close friends who married years ago are beginning to wonder what life as single might be like when they discover the priest who married each of the couples has died without filing the proper paperwork! (see more plot details, here...)

For those of you who enjoy the music in the Hallmark Movies, you will be glad to know there is a Movie Soundtrack for Nearlyweds. You can listen to track samples, here.

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*See the Nearlyweds page
for more Pictures and Plot details!

Enjoy your weekend and next
Family Movie Night!

As the credits roll, I hope you can say –
“It’s a Wonderful Movie!”


  1. This looks so adorable - hopefully since the soundtrack is available and it stars "bigger" names, the DVD will also be made available on retail sites. :)

  2. I enjoyed it!



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