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Monday, August 6, 2012

"Coffee Shop: Love is Brewing" - an UP Original Movie with Laura Vandervoort, Cory M. Grant, Kevin Sorbo, and more...


Coffee Shop: Love is Brewing

Network: UP

Original Air Date: September 14, 2014


Laura Vandervoort ... Donavan
Cory M. Grant ... Ben Carson
Josh Ventura ... Patrick
Jason Burkey ... Kevin
Dave Alan Johnson ... Mr. Conner
Oliver Trevena ... Customer
Gabriela Lopez ... Sarah
Montrel Miller ... Eli
Robert W. Hill ... Max
Rachel Hendrix ... Becky
Jason McBeth ... Alex
Griffin Hood ... Ben Actor
Emmy Argo ... Donavan Actor

Kevin Sorbo ... Producer
Jon Lovitz ... Frank Miller

Photo credit: Kristopher S. Kimlin

on set image via lauravandervoort-forum

on set image via lauravandervoort-forum

on set image via lauravandervoort-forum

Photo credit: Kristopher S. Kimlin


from UP:

This charming romantic comedy tells the story of coffee shop owner Donovan, who must regain faith in herself and others to save the business and find out what love really is.

Donavan Turner’s (Laura Vandervoort) specialty is matching people to their perfect, new drink at her hip, friendly neighborhood coffee shop, “Donovan’s.” While she’s been less than successful making a similar match in love, Donavan loves her work and has the robust support of her sister Becky (Rachel Hendrix), Becky’s boyfriend Kevin (Jason Burkey) and the wonderful, eclectic collection of regulars that frequent her coffee shop daily. They are a warm, close-knit group – more family than customers and employees. Unfortunately, she’s keep a secret from them all. The new bank owner, Frank Miller (Jon Lovitz), won’t extend her loan and she’s facing immediate foreclosure. Things get further complicated when Donovan’s ex-boyfriend Patrick (Josh Ventura) returns to declare his love and she clashes with Broadway playwright -- and tea-drinker – Ben Carson (Cory M. Grant), in town working on a new play for his producer (Kevin Sorbo). With all the challenges in front of her, it might be a fine time for Donovan to take a risk herself and trust that all the good she does for others will come back to her.

via lauravandervoort-forum:

The Movie tells the story of Donavan Turner, an attractive, intelligent woman in her late 20's who once had it all -- a successful coffee shop in a quaint, beautiful beach town, a perfect boyfriend with "happily ever after" on the horizon, and a host of quirky friends to fill her life with laughter and fun. When it all begins to unravel and she is thrust back into the dating world while her coffee shop sits on the edge of ruin, an unexpected new love interest (BEN) forces her to come face to face with the truth that her identity and value is not defined by what she can accomplish alone, but instead, in accepting who she was made to be and what she and her community can accomplish together.

Movie Review:

Coffee Shop: Love is Brewing was the perfect blend of Faith, Family, and Friends... with a dash of Comedy and Romance!

How can I espresso (express) to you my enjoyment for this movie!?!!

Donavan Turner owns the local coffee shop in this small town. She has great employees and a few regular customers, including her caring sister, Becky and her CPA boyfriend, Kevin. They are the perfect couple, which only reminds Donovan, that she is struggling in her own dating life, since her longtime boyfriend has moved away. And, to pile more on Donovan's problems, the bank has been sold and the new owners, Frank Miller and his unknown partner, are letting her know she must now pay, or get out.

Donovan's sister, Becky, with such a kind heart and good intentions, asks Kevin, her boyfriend, to help her out with Donovan's relationship problems. So, Kevin does so, by inviting an old college friend of his to town. Kevin thinks his friend Ben, who is currently having trouble writing a new play, needs the escape to their small town, plus he just might be the perfect guy for Donovan. Becky, is upset, at first with Kevin. It is her hope, to still get Donovan back with her ex - Patrick.

When Frank Miller (the new bank owner) and Ben Carson, Kevin's friend who has just arrived in town, run into each other outside of the coffee shop, Donovan assumes Ben is the unknown partner who is about to take over her business. Because of this, she does not give Ben a very warm greeting, especially when he enters her coffee shop and orders, of all things, tea!

Donovan soon realizes Ben is not the enemy and she apologizes to him. It's obvious to everyone the two are very much attracted to one another. Ben finds inspiration to write again and Donovan keeps up her routine at the coffee shop and giving back by hosting charity events, at her shop. She also sings a lovely song to the patrons, who are there to donate to her worthy cause.

(By the way, the beautiful song is "In your Arms", by Mandi Mapes. You can hear a snippet of it and download it, if you like, at Amazon.)

Just when Ben is about to approach Donovan, Patrick (her ex) returns to town and everything in Donovan's world is turned upside down, all over again. At first, Donovan thinks maybe they can be a couple again, but Patrick's solution to turn the coffee shop into a parking garage, just may be the last straw. Donovan is reluctant to give up her Coffee Shop, at any cost. And just when Donovan thinks she may be falling for Ben, his secret is revealed. Both men, it seems, are Double Double. Not Double Cream, Double Sugar. But Double Trouble.

In the end, Donovan forgives and opens her heart up to one of them. It's a warm, delightful ending... perhaps not a steamy romance, but sweet, pure, and satisfying, like a cozy spot and a cup of hot coffee on a cold winters day.

See or Skip:


It's not bitter at all. In fact, it's quite sweet!



  1. Just returned from the Theatrical Premier of Coffee Shop. What a wonderfully written, acted , directed, photographed and edited film! Writers Theresa Preston and Jon Erwin skilfully weave together a real story... full of characters you can believe in and care about. A drama, yet filled with very subtle humor that makes you smile with a knowing nod... "I've been there"...

    It would be a disservice to single out any particular actor ... as this ensemble cast play off one another and meld perfectly as a unit. I became lost in the story... and THAT is what storytelling should be.

    Seamlessly Directed by Dave Alan Johnson... the film almost glides and pulls you along from New York to Chicago to tiny Fairhope ... in tight transitions that never intrude on the sense of story. Beautiful ocean views that impress the eye by taking advantage of natural lighting... I particularly appreciated several interior shots where the Director used sheer white curtains over the large windows to impart a gauzy, warm light that highlighted his actor's features and subtle emotions.

    Shot on a small budget and on Location in Helena and Fairhope AL, with an unobtrusive but solid backing score... (AND... By the way... with not ONE curse word or risque scene) ... Coffee Shop is "THAT" movie that is truly Family-Friendly, and and brings a message of hope and integrity ... even in 2914.

    Go see "Coffee Shop".

    You'll be glad that you did.

    1. Wow, that's a great review!


    2. Thanks so much for the review! I forgot about the movie, but hope to see it when it repeats.


  2. My cable provider does not carry UP. Wondering if the movie will be available elsewhere at a later time?

    1. The UP movies are often released on DVD, soon after airing on TV. Such as: Dear Viola, Finding Normal, Rocky Road, Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, etc...

      I will be sure to keep a look out for Coffee Shop for you and post it on here, if it becomes available!

  3. I don't get this channel but want to see this movie. Where can i watch it on line?

    1. Not sure there is a place to view it, on-line. It is just airing occasionally on UP, at this time. It may be released on DVD.

    2. It's on Netflix and it's an amazing movie!

  4. Great movie! Great cast! This would make a really great series!

    Andrea M

  5. I do not have this channel and really really want to watch this :) Anyone know where i can watch it? Thank you.

  6. I highly recommend The Coffee Shop! It's refreshing to watch a romance movie with Christian references and no sex scenes - a rarity in Hollywood. I hope there will be more family friendly movies like it. I have been searching for a list of the songs from the movie but have been unsuccessful. Can you list them here?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Karen! I'm so glad you also enjoyed the movie "Coffee Shop"!

      The Songs in the move are:
      "In your Arms", by Mandi Mapes
      and "Dance with Me" by Mandi Mapes.

      They are both available to download at Amazon. I provided the links above, if you click on the song titles. Hope this helps!

      It's wonderful to know you also enjoy and seek out wonderful faith-filled movies, like this one! God Bless You, Karen!

      Enjoy the songs!!!

    2. Hi! God bless you, do you know the first one song?? Title and Singer?

    3. Wishing Well by Michael O'Brien formerly of NewSong

  7. Loved the movie!! So refreshing. A love story without the people going to bed together at first sight! Beautiful songs also. Did Laura Vandervoot sing them?

  8. Mandi Mapes' music was good, but I really enjoyed the song "Goodbye to the Wishing Well" by Michael O'Brien. Can't find it anywhere. Can anybody tell me where else to look besides Amazon and iTunes.

  9. I watched a youtube of this movie and it cut out the ending. Can't get the ending anywhere.

  10. Does anyone know who sings the intro music where the lyrics include "i'm happy to say good bye to the wishing well"? Thanks.

  11. I just rented this movie today on Amazon video. It is as wonderful as the reviews and more. The characters are real to life and capture your attention as well as your heart.

    1. Yes, thank you for sharing that, Sunny! You can definitely stream this movie on Amazon and the DVD for this movie - "Coffee Shop" can be ordered through Amazon, too! They are both listed here!

      I really enjoyed this sweet little movie, too! I'm always taken by happy endings!

  12. Heart warming tale of two people finding love and purpose in a small town. I also greatly enjoyed the Christian themes and family values.

  13. Just watched this movie for the first time and enjoyed it. Your review here is good, especially the comparison to the movie and a cup of hot coffee on a cold day. That's exactly how this movie felt to me.

  14. Where can I buy the clothes Donovan wears ? There are amazing !

    1. Awww, yes, they are pretty. However, that movie is 5 years old now... so, unfortunately her clothing would no longer be available for purchase. Perhaps, you could copy the style and find things that are similar.

  15. I loved the movie laura is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Does anyone know the name of the opening song to the movie? Thanks!


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