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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Christmas with Holly - Hallmark Hall of Fame


Christmas with Holly

Hallmark Hall of Fame

Network: ABC

Original Air Date: December 9, 2012


Eloise Mumford ... Maggie Conway
Sean Faris ... Mark Nagle
Lucy and Josie Gallina ... Holly
Alex Paxton-Beesley ... Shelby
Daniel Eric Gold ... Alex
Dana Watkins ... Scott
Catherine Bérubé ... Kate


from Hallmark Hall of Fame:

Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Christmas with Holly resonates with romance and humor.

Maggie Conway has HAD it with big-city living, especially after being left at the altar. She moves to the small town of Friday Harbor in Washington State, finally realizing her dream of opening a toy store -- and meets Mark Nagle, the proprietor of the local coffee shop. It’s not quite love at first sight. But almost!

Mark’s number one priority, though, is his six-year-old niece, Holly, whose single mom has recently passed away and left him as her guardian. He’s moved in with his two brothers to help him raise Holly. He’s also involved romantically with Shelby – a relationship that’s going nowhere. Maggie and her toy store prove to be the magical key to opening Holly’s heart after her loss.

As you can guess, these complicated lives intertwine. You’ll meet them and you’ll fall in love with them in Christmas with Holly,

More Plot Details:

from Hallmark:

(I must warn you - it does include some Spoilers, which gives away alot of the movie - so if you want to be surprised, please don't read it!)

“I’ve been holding on to my old dreams. But I realize I need to make room for new ones.” So says Maggie Conway. She’s decided to move on in life after being left at the altar months earlier.

Maggie relocates from Seattle to a smaller, calmer place – specifically, Friday Harbor, Washington State. It’s the kind of town where everybody knows everybody – but not in a nosy way. Everybody cares for everybody, too. She opens a toy story that’s dedicated to kids, encouraging them to explore their imaginations. As Maggie says, “Kids need to play make believe. Imagination helps to make their dreams come true.”

The “Holly” in CHRISTMAS WITH HOLLY is six years old. Her single mom died a few months earlier. In accordance with her wishes, her 25-year-old brother Mark now has full responsibility for raising Holly. Mark – who runs the town’s coffee shop -- has help from his two older brothers.

All three uncles have their hearts in the right place. But they’re charmingly inept in their new roles – and they’re not helped by the fact that Holly hasn’t uttered a word since her mom died. That’s where Maggie comes in. Despite the approach of the busy Christmas retail season, she gives extra attention to Holly every time the young girl comes into Maggie’s welcoming shop.

Maggie assumes Mark is “spoken for” during the whole getting-to-know-you dance, because Mark is in a relationship with Shelby. But that relationship is floundering, and by Christmas Eve Mark and Maggie discover they’ve fallen in love. All three of them – Mark, Maggie, Holly – are starting to think of a life together as a loving family.

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*A Special Thank you to:
 Seaandbescene.com, for the plot and casting details above.

*Movie Images via: Hallmark Hall of Fame
Photo credit: Erik Heinila


  1. It sounds like an awesome movie. I can`t wait to see it!

  2. GOSH! This sounds adorable - like one of HHofF's best in a looong time! Of course, it helps that I like Sean Faris. ;-)

    Thanks for posting about it - cannot wait for the Christmas season. :-)

  3. I agree - I think it sounds good, too - potentially more lighthearted and fun - perhaps a little more like A Season for Miracles! Especially with the child who won't speak - due to emotional distress. I'm looking forward to seeing it with all of you!!!

  4. Good comparison - that movie is one of my very faves! So if it mirrors that, I'll be happy. :-)

  5. It was a cute book, I hope the movies does justice to the book.

  6. Very exited for this movie. Lucy and Josie Gallina are amazing little actresses.

  7. cant wait till christmas with holly comes out cause i really want to see this movie it sounds like its goin to be a very good movie and told some friends about the movie and they cant wait to see the movie as well

  8. A little worried about this movie. It's based off of Lisa Kleypas' Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and based on the trailer, it seems a little different from the book (not the storyline, but the characterization of the main people). Oh well, we'll see! The book is amazing though, and definitely worth a read! Lisa Kleypas is a fantastic writer!

  9. So far... this story (novel) is EXCELLENT! I love its charm and fun-love characters - though some are fighting their own battles.

  10. I thought, when I saw the previews, that Sean Faris had to be related to Tom Cruise. Certain angles really have an uncanny resemblance. I wondered if it was just me but my husband said the same thing when he saw the previews....without knowing what I thought. Oh well

    1. I just saw the movie for the first time & i agree that Faris resembles Cruise. I think the casting for all 3 uncles was amazing...they actually look like brothers!

  11. Someone on eBay is already selling it and it hasn't even aired yet! Cool! We don't have to wait 2 years after it airs for it to be released to DVD!

  12. Loved the movie!!! Brought tears to my eyes :) I can't wait to buy it

  13. This movie is wonderful! I loved it and could watch it again. It's sweet, romantic and very touching.

  14. if anyone is interesting in seeing it again...it is being rebroast on the Hallmark channel (on't know if it's the hallmark movie channel or not) on December 16th I think

  15. I really loved Christmas with Holly, it has become one of my favorites. The whole cast was great, especially Lucy and Josie playing Holly, they were both wonderful, and of course the actors who played Mark, Scott and Alex were perfectly cast. The only disappointment that I had as a WA state resident, but certainly didn't take away my enjoyment of the movie was that they didn't film at the real Friday Harbor, and I loved the mention of my hometown in the movie. I would love to see Hallmark consider making a weekly series out of this movie.

  16. Agree! Would be a great series!

  17. Heartfelt Emotions,Tears of Joy.Just one of many Hallmark Moments.

  18. This has been one of my favorite holiday movies. Love the characters and love the sweet story. I also love the charming town! Watch it and you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for a really great warm fuzzy holiday movie!

  19. LOVE Brent Shields movies!!! So nice to be able to watch a movie with the dialogue not being over-powered by background music! That is just annoying! Any movie with Brent Shields as producer or director is a KEEPER!!!

  20. Somebody know what's the opening song, when they are on the Ferry, dope song that!
    Sean Faris is cute

  21. Watching "Matchmaker Santa", and saw a ad that Eloise Mumford will be in a Hallmark Christmas movie this Holiday season called, " Just in Time for Christmas."

  22. thanks for the plot, i was looking for everywere

  23. Does anyone know the song played at the bar right after the scene when Holly is sick. The song says so something like "she is the one who got away" please. Help.

  24. She's the One That Got Away is the name of the song.

  25. Watched this on DVD, it was so sweet! -Maria


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