Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Casting News for Cedar Cove Movie and TV Series

BREAKING NEWS for Cedar Cove Series

Andie MacDowell starring in Hallmark's 1st series

Associated Press – NEW YORK (AP) —

Andie MacDowell will be a pioneer for the Hallmark Channel, starring in the network's first prime-time series.

Hallmark said Wednesday that MacDowell will portray municipal court Judge Olivia Lockhart in "Cedar Grove." It will start with a two-hour movie airing later this year and continue with a 13-episode series early in 2013.

The new series is based on books by author Debbie Macomber. Movie adaptations of Macomber's books have been among the top-rated programs that Hallmark has shown over the past three years.

MacDowell's movie credits include "Groundhog Day" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral."

--- News via AP ---

What do you think? Is it a good choice for the Olivia Lockhart character? I've always liked Andie MacDowell and her Southern accent. I can hear her voice in those Loreal ads talking about grey hair and she says in her Southern way- "As if I ever had any!"

Anyway - I think Andie seems smart and sassy - a great character combo, if you ask me. However, I haven't read the book series - so what do you think - if you've read them or not?

See the Cedar Cove Movie / TV Series Page for more details.

See the Cedar Cove Book Series Page for Reading Details.


  1. I like her. She has a great personality. And I love those Loreal ads, too!

  2. Great news! I can't wait to see Andie in this role. She'll be perfect! Thanks for the Breaking news!

  3. As someone who was born, raised in and has never left Alabama, I shudder when actors who aren't Southern are cast in movies or TV shows. the way they say words drives me crazy. Now...I'm so glad they cast Andie MacDowell in the role. She knows how we use our voices and how we say things.
    Thanks for the info, I can't wait for the series.

  4. This is going to be great!!! More casting details please - as soon as you get them! I love your site!

  5. That's interesting. I wonder if Andie is no longer going to be part of Jane By Design on ABC Family?

    I think it's a good choice for the role.

  6. Hm... I wonder that too! How will this affect her ABC Family series? Hope it doesn't because she is spot-on perfect.

  7. I have read that - Production on Cedar Cove starts in early June. MacDowell will film it after ABC Family's Jane by Design, which is wrapping production on the second half of its first season.

    I have never watched Jane by Design (is it good? is it family-friendly?) but, it does sound like she will do both.

  8. my aunty is currently filming this too alongside the great woman herself

  9. I like Andie, but she is definitely not anyone I would have ever chosen to play Olivia. Don't think I'll watch the series......even tho I LOVE the books. Just don't want to be disappointed.

  10. Great show!! I watched it twice in a row. Great casting, I am a fan of this series!!!

  11. If you like a SLOW MOVING SERIES, then this is the PERFECT one to watch. Not much's like taking a time released pill. Slow and easy as she goes...

    All in all, I have to wait until I have a few series recorded before I can really enjoy it 8;)

    Andie McDowell is cute as can be. I actually like all the characters....I really like the person playing the part of her Mother, she's spot on! Only thing that feels weird is that they casted Brendan Elliot as a Villian type person. I usually watch him in romantic roles which suits his "Gorgeous" face.

    I hope Cedar Cove continues to be something worth watching. You really can't go wrong with a movie if it's on the Hallmark channel.

    All The Best!!!

  12. Enjoyed reading through all your nice comments regarding Cedar Cove. It seems unanimous that you all Love it! The Hallmark Channel definitely has a hit series! Net


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