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Love's Christmas Journey - Hallmark Channel Movie


Love's Christmas Journey

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 5, 2011

*This will be a FOUR HOUR MOVIE - like a Mini-series!

Inspired by Janette Oke’s award winning Love Comes Softly book series, the four-hour, star-studded movie event is an inspiring tale of love, trust and miracles.

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Sean Astin ... Mayor Wayne
JoBeth Williams ... Mrs. Beatrice Williams
Natalie Hall ... Ellie King
Dylan Bruce ... Deputy Strode
Greg Vaughan ... Aaron Davis
Bobby Campo ... Erik
Charles Shaughnessy ... Weaver
Ernest Borgnine ... jovial man named Nicholas

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Photo by Tracy Conroy – © 2011


from Hallmark:

"While still mourning the loss of her husband and daughter, recently widowed Ellie King (Hall) visits her brother Aaron Davis, (Vaughan) a sheriff in the small town of Haddonton, and his two children during the Christmas holiday. Ellie does her best to enjoy the holidays, even making new friends with Beatrice (Williams), a local shop keeper and Deputy Strode (Bruce). Settling in nicely with her brother's family, Ellie agrees to watch her niece and nephew when Aaron travels out of town to purchase adjacent land for farming. But when a corrupt attorney in town leaves a young man to blame for Mayor Wayne's (Astin) barn catching fire and burning, Ellie ignores distrusting townspeople and steps in to help to prove his innocence. To her dismay, the season's festivities are threatened when Aaron goes missing. When all seems lost, Ellie not only gets the perfect holiday miracle-her brother delivered home safely on Christmas morning-but also the chance at a new life when she finds herself falling in love again."

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  1. does anyone know how this is connected to the other love saga movies?

  2. Yes Aaron Davis is Clark and Marties son. I am assuming that Ellie came along later because she is also Clark and Marties daughter

  3. Thank you, I have loved all of the movies but I couldnt figure out where this one came from :)

  4. Does anyone know where I can see this movie, since the premier date is past?

  5. When is this one coming out to purchase? I own all the rest and absolutely Love these movies! Great morals and teachings for the Whole Family :)

  6. Rumor has it Oct. 2012

  7. Which movie does this one come after?
    love all the others watch them ehaos

  8. Love's Christmas Journey follows Love Finds a Home, although none of the same characters are in this movie.

    This is an extension of the Clark and Marty Davis family that tells the story of their grown children: Aaron and Ellie.

  9. When is part 2 of Love's Christmas Journey on?

    1. I'm interested in knowing the answer too!

    2. Hallmark and TBN play this movie - typically back to back! TBN will be playing it tonight (December 4, 2016) at 10:30pm and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will air both parts on December 12th, Part 1 at 5am and Part 2 at 7am. It is such a beautiful story, the last of the "Love Comes Softly" series!

      By the way, I have it listed in the Christmas TV Schedule, if you would like to check it out there.

      Merry Christmas!!! Net

  10. the first husband of marthy name is clem; ellie is the daugther of clark.

  11. Where did Ellie come into the pict of the saga. Aaron was the son of Marty's 1st husband, whos name was Aaron & dies in the 1st movie. Clark had a daughter named Missy from his 1st wife Ellie, who also died in "Loves everlasting courage". Clark adopted Aaron to give him his last name Davies. According to the series, Marty & Clark had 2 sons, but not a daughter. So in "Loves Christmas Journey", I get Aaron's character but not Ellie as his sister?

    1. Ellie is also one of Clark and Marty Davis' children. She was named after Clark's first wife, Ellen, who passed away at a young age. It's been a little while, but I've read all the Love Comes Softly books over the years, and I recall adoring Ellie's endearing, sweet character very much! Hope this information is helpful.

    2. This is confusing to me to and I have the Love Comes Softly series and that is when I came across this saga. I am thinking why was it not included in the two day run Jan 1st and 2nd of this year on PIXL. The son son by Marty was not name Aaron it was Artie I just finish looking at it. Lots of missing pieces. It should have followed Love Comes Softly when Marty fell in love with Clark and Missy at the end of the picture.

    3. Great family movie...refreshing.

    4. Yes, "Love's Christmas Journey" is such a beautiful film. It's unfortunate the Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries doesn't play it any longer. It is nice that TBN continues to air it each Christmas season. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this movie. It has such a wonderful, incredible cast - with Natalie Hall, Greg Vaughan, Sean Astin, JoBeth Williams, Dylan Bruce, Bobby Campo, Charles Shaughnessy, and Ernest Borgnine!

      Blessings, Net


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