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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cabin - Hallmark Movie Channel


The Cabin

Network: Hallmark Movie Channel

Original Air Date: July 30, 2011


Lea Thompson ... Lily MacDougal
Steven Brand ... Conor MacDougal


Lily MacDougal (Thompson) and Conor MacDougal (Brand) are single parents who share the same surname, but have little else in common. Lily and Conor have each brought their children to Scotland to enter a national Clan Mac-type affair called the "Meeting of the Macs." But when a careless booking agent accidentally assigns Lily's family and Conor's to the same cabin, a civil war ensues reminiscent of the War of Scottish Independence. Through a series of mishaps, Lily and Conor struggle to get along as their families are now entered into the competition as a single team, which further means they will need to get along in order to get ahead and win. Will the warring "Macs" set aside personal differences for the greater good, or will it take another Treaty of Edinburgh to bring peace back to the tiny Scottish hamlet?

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  1. I wish I could watch The Cabin. It sounds like a really good movie, but unfortunately, DirecTV only has HMC in HD. And I don't have HD. :(

  2. Me too, Cathie. I'm in the same boat!

  3. You didn't miss too much! I am 19 and I am the biggest fan of all hallmark movies!! I'm in LOVE with them all! But for the first time ever, I was appalled and disappointed with one of their movies. Hallmark movies are allowed to be cheesy! That's what gives them their charm. But the acting in The Cabin was BEYOND terrible! The script was awful. The filming and editing was just weird at some parts. The plot was boring, lacking, and pointless. The lead woman was a beautiful girl but she was over acting by making the WEIRDEST faces! It was actually a little distracting! The adult characters are unrealistically immature and childish and it drove me absolutely insane! It was too long, and it was really lame. It seemed like it was made in the 90's by a bunch of old people or something. The clothes, hair, and makeup on the girls was horrendous for 2011. It definitely didn't have the same quality as the other hallmark movies from this summer. I give it an F. This is just my honest opinion. I don't mean to be harsh. And maybe I'm overreacting. Some people might love this movie! This one just isn't for me. But I'm still a Hallmark movie lover! :]

  4. I agree with Jennifer on this movie "The Cabin". Is this how our society reacts to each other with constant bickering and arguing? this happened in the opening scene with the two drivers criticizing each other and over all acting very childish throughout the movie. Just an awful Hallmark movie.

  5. I have to completely agree with Jennifer's assessment of 'The Cabin' as well, it was one of the worst Hallmark movies I've ever seen and I happen to LOVE Hallmark movies.

  6. I love sappy romantic comedies, but this was the worst Hallmark movie I've seen. The script was really weak and the acting was terrible! Steven Brand wasn't bad, but Lea Thompson was awful. I was really disappointed in this one.
    And just a side note about wardrobe, wearing heels at a cabin in the woods? really? And someone should tell her this is not the 1980's and she is too old for miniskirts.

  7. I agree with Jennifer. It was literally excruciating to watch from the horribly cheesy acting, bad wardrobes, lack of plot, and the annoyance of the people's characters. Whoever wrote this had a terrible view of teenage girls and how they act. The movie was so unrealistic and unprofessional it literally makes you laugh out loud... not from funny lines, but from ugly faces and horrible dancing and horrible script writing... not to mention the "actors" couldn't read the script and make it sound even close to realistic. The flirting between the two adults makes you want to gag...it's gross. Overall, this movie is horrible and it's a shame they even wasted time and what? a ten whole dollars on it. Way to go Hallmark.

  8. My daughter and I Love Hallmark movies, we were looking forward to watching The Cabin. Very disappointing, I agree with Jennifer and anonymous VERY BAD wardrobe. Cars, clothes film shots etc made me think I was watching a movie from the 80's. In fact I found these comments because we were looking it up to see how old it was and was shocked that it just came out.

  9. As a working, single mom who loves Scotland, I thought thus movie would be perfect and I was so looking forward to seeing it. I've been watching Hallmark movies for 20 years and I've never been so disappointed in one. The other posters are right, the arguing and bickering was so awful. And if a man had yelled at me while I was driving with my children, I would consider him a psycho and avoid him like the plague! And the constant changes were so distracting...."we're sharing the cabin, we're not sharing the cabin, oh yes we are sharing the cabin"...then "we're competing as a team, no we're not, yes now we're friends again, we're competing together, oh no, we had another fight, we're leaving, oh wait, we're back together as a team!" OMG give me a break!! I think probably the worst moment was when their kids said, "you're fighting just like you used to with mom/dad." what a terrible, uncomfortable situation for those children and an awful start to a relationship. Really, Hallmark?

  10. I so appreciate all the comments that have come in, so far, about this movie.

    I don't have the Hallmark Movie Channel - so I was disappointed I would NOT have the ability to see this Hallmark Movie.

    Thanks to you all and your thoughts on The Cabin - I'm not disappointed any more!

    Thank you, again and again!

    Others, please feel free to add your thoughts, too...
    Did you dislike it, too? or...
    Did anyone, out there, like it?

  11. It appears to be a remake of the movie Time Share from 2000 with Timothy Dalton

  12. I guess I'm one of the few people who actually really enjoy this movie! The acting is kind of cheesy, and Conor's daughter is a total brat at times in a ridiculous way, but I actually like it. I'm eager to see how it ends.


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