Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hallmark Channel's The Shunning - Movie Trailer

This is a very moving and powerful trailer preview
for the movie - The Shunning.

(be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to pause or stop the music below in the Playlist before pushing play on the video!)

THE SHUNNINGPremieres April 16, 2011
Hallmark Channel

Click here for Pictures, Plot, Cast, and more - for The Shunning.



  1. Loved the movie. Desperately want the name of the song she sings. At the end she has the music for "fireflies" that her father gave her when she left. I cannot find that song or who sang it in the movie. Help!! There are many fireflies songs,but not this at iTunes

  2. That is exactly the same information I am looking for, I love the song and her voice is amazing.

  3. This is the same information I am looking for, I loved the song she sang and her voice is amazing

  4. Is it possible that its fireflies from Amanda Falk?
    I too have been looking for it. It might be Danielle Panabaker singing it. (found the song by Amanda on itunes)

  5. Is it possible that it is fireflies by Amanda Falk? It could be Danielle Panabaker singing it. (found Amandas on itune)

  6. Loved the movie, Hope there will be a shuning homecoming in the future. The cast was very good.
    Everyone did a great job, Thanks.

  7. That song is by Lindsay McCaul. Her album, "If It Leads Me Back" is due for release on 8/23/11. Listen to her album sampler at:

    You will a snippet of the song from "The Shunning" there. She sounds to be an awesome new Christian artist! Hope that helps all of you who are yearning for this song and more!

  8. I just looked up this song, it is indeed fireflies by Amanda Falk! Beautiful..

  9. I am looking for the artist/title of the song played when Katie goes into the city and buys non-Amish clothing and is walking outdoors right past her birth mother. It sounds like a male vocalist, and I have not been able to locate it anywhere. Please HELP!!! Thanks!


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