Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Movie Truth be Told + Hallmark's The Shunning

So Many Movies ~ So Little Time!

Over the weekend, I watched Truth be Told, The Waltons Easter Story, Upstairs Downstairs, and the TV Land Awards.

Truth be Told

 I know, I know... the Hallmark Channel premiered a new movie and I didn't see it. It amazes me, too! I just typically never miss a Hallmark Channel movie premiere- however it was on at the same time as Truth be Told and since Truth be Told was only going to be on once, I chose it on Saturday night. I was glad I did, too because the storyline was - well, you can see my full movie review, here.

The Shunning

I just didn't have a chance to fit in The Shunning this weekend; however, I did record it - and do plan to watch it sometime, whenever I can get the chance. (if possible, among Easter preparations this week!)

However, until I see The Shunning, I have truly enjoyed reading all of your thoughts on it and if you would like to read others comments or include yours - please click here to do so!

Friendship for Grown-Ups: What I Missed and Learned Along the WayBy the way, I also mentioned that I watched the TV Land Awards Sunday night. During the 80's, my sister & I loved - The Facts of Life and The Cosby Show - so it was really nice to see the cast of both of these shows. Everyone still looked so great! Blair (Lisa Whelchel) was always our favorite - still is! It's so good to know she is a Christian and she uses her celebrity platform to speak to other women, and write books about her faith, motherhood, and homeschooling. (Click here for Books by Lisa Whelchel )

There was a late showing of Upstairs Downstairs after the TV land Awards went off late Sunday night. I don't know quite, yet, how to review this one as we are in part 2 of 3. This show was all over the place and most of the relationships seem odd or immorally driven. The storyline is all drama - drawn out, depressingly sad, as you sense a prolonging toward more doom. It's definitely not one for family viewing - kids would be quite bored anyway, as I must admit, I was, most of the time.

Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual FitnessSo, all in all - as Family Movies go... I'm glad over this weekend I watched Truth be Told, starring David James Elliott and Candace Cameron Bure. I have been a fan of Candace since her Full House days as DJ... and it's great to know, she, too, is a Christian. (She has a new book, titled: Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness.)

You can see my Truth be Told - Movie Review here and if you saw it, please leave your comments, I would love to know what you thought.

Or, if you saw The Shunning, check out others responses, here, and please leave your comments, I would love to know what you thought of this movie, as well.

Have a blessed Easter Week!


  1. Great post. I always liked Blair best, too.

    I didn't see truth be Told, but it looks cute and I also like Candace Cameron Bure.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  2. Upstairs Downstairs has been so boring and you are right - it is not for kids.

    I liked The Shunning. It was very moving. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

  3. Blair & DJ are still so beautiful! Wish I could have seen them both this past weekend. My kids are such big fans of Full House. Plus, as a homeschooler, I truly admire Lisa.

  4. Loved Truth be Told. Sweet family movie.

  5. When will Truth be Told be out on DVD?


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