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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas with a Capital C - Christmas Movie


Christmas with a Capital C

Network: GMC - Gospel Music Channel

Original Air Date: December 5, 2010


Ted McGinley ... Dan Reed
Daniel Baldwin ... Mitch Bright
Nancy Stafford ... Kristen Reed
Brad Stine ... Greg Reed
LinnΓ© Bardarson ... Waldorf
Diane Benson ... Federal Judge
Jessica Busbee ... Josie
David Cuddy ... Coach Larry
Frank Delaney ... Joe Diggs
Francesca Derosa ... Makayla Reed
Ron Holmstrom ... Rev. Tiller
Barbara Hopkins-Cox ... Mrs. Williams
Bradford Jackson ... Young Attorney
Karen Lauer ... Willa Rainwater
Jerry MacDonnell ... Statler



from Wikipedia:

Christmas has always been a exceptional time of love and tradition in the small town of Trapper Falls, Alaska. Hometown of Mayor Dan Reed (Ted McGinley) looks forward to each year with enthusiasm to all the events, friends and family that fill this special season. Together with his brother Greg (Brad Stine), they dedicate time away from their adventure tour company to drape the town is Christmas cheer.
When Dan's old high school rival Mitch Bright (Daniel Baldwin) returns home after 20 years, Dan is immediately suspicious. Mitch is a highly successful big city lawyer who has never wanted anything to do with Trapper Falls. The rivalry re-ignites when Mitch takes offense to seeing the town's flagrant violation of the constitution's Establishment clause. Mitch wants the Nativity scene removed from the front of City hall and more importantly the word Christmas switched to Happy Holidays on all signs.
Fifty years of tradition are now challenged not by an outsider but a former member of the community. As the conflict escalates it goes beyond one persons opinion but magnifies into an entire town problem when Mitch enters into the mayoral race to have Dan replaced.

In the heat of the legal battle and facing certain defeat, Dan's wife Kristen (Nancy Stafford) and their daughter Makayla (Francesca Derosa) wanting to show the true meaning of Christmas are inspired to launch a "Christmas with a Capital C" campaign as an effort to keep the town together.
In doing so they discover the secret behind Mitch's return but also reminds all of Trapper Falls that with the arrival of God's Son, peace on earth and good will was to be given to all; even those whose heart seem closed to him.


Movie Review:

This isn't your typical Christmas movie about Santa Claus or Reindeers, etc. This movie is actually about Christ!

Christmas with a Capital C is remarkable. All Christians should see this powerful and amazing film that shows Christians standing up for what they believe in. When Mitch Bright returns to his hometown he begins stirring up all kinds of trouble for his old high school rival, Dan Reed, who is the Town's Mayor and married to the woman Mitch also wanted. Now Mitch has decided to attack all Christians and their beliefs starting with Christmas and removing the town's nativity display that has stood in the town's square for many many years. Dan, as the mayor, is determined not to give up his beliefs and save the nativity display. It becomes increasingly harder to do when Mitch decides to run against Dan, for Mayor.

The Reed family stands even stronger together in their faith. Dan's brother, Greg, is very passionate about his Christian beliefs regarding Christmas and is quite vocal about his opinions wherever he is. He also gets his sweet niece Makayla involved, by having her dress up as an angel and sing Christmas Carols on the empty site where the nativity display should be. Mitch takes offense to this, as well, and has the police remove them.

Eventually, Dan's wife Kristen, and her daughter Makayla decide Christmas is about loving and giving to one another and sharing the love of Christ, instead of it being about a wooden display. They start showing Christ's love by giving to others and Makayla decides to bake Mitch some cookies. From there a secret is eventually revealed and everything begins to unravel one thread at a time.

It's a very intriguing family Christmas movie from beginning to end. Our family loved it!

See or Skip:

See, inspiring Christmas Movie that puts Christ back in Christmas!


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