Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Cutting Edge Movies - Not for Family Viewing!

The Cutting Edge has been CUT from the Family TV Schedule.
I did a little research into The Cutting Edge - Ice Skating Movies - due to ABC Family playing all four on Sunday - March 14, 2010.

I have viewed a little of the first movies years ago and remember being disappointed with the relationship of the ice skaters. Let's just say - it wasn't exactly family friendly. So... I wondered, if this one would be any different... Guess what? It's Not.

(My information was obtained from Common Sense Media:)

The Cutting Edge (1992): TV - PG - D

(The D is for Adult Dialogue. In my opinion, there should be an S here, too, due to several immoral sexual scenes with Doug and two different women at different times + another moment with Kate. There should also be an L for Language in the Rating.)

The Cutting Edge - Going for the Gold (2006): TV - 14 - L

(I'm glad they put an L on this one, because the Language is Terrible. I was surprised to see the Sweet Sister, Ren, from Even Stevens in such a role. There should also be an S in this rating, too - for several sexual situations.)

The Cutting Edge - Chasing the Dream (2008): TV - PG - D - L

(This movie includes more immoral sexual involvement and adult dialogue... including characters discussing being intimately together.)

The Cutting Edge - Fire and Ice (2010): TV - 14 - D - L - V

(This Movie includes Adult Dialogue, Language, and Violence. There are several sexual situations in their shared apartment, a locker room, and a nasty game of poker.)

I have not seen all of these "Cutting Edge" Movies, (I saw parts of the first two and turned them off) but from what I have read and shared with you from Common Sense Media, I do not desire to see any of these Movies. I shared with you these descriptions to warn you of these movies content. I hope, you, too, will join me in watching or doing something else with your families during this time.

ABC Family is often times not a channel for families. In my opinion there should be no Secret Life of the American Teenager. Parents need to get more involved - by giving their children and teenagers guide lines and moral values.

If you enjoy Ice Skating Movies, then may I suggest watching :

  • Disney's - Ice Princess,
  • Disney's Original Movie - Go Figure
  • Hallmark Channel's New Ice Skating Movie - Ice Dreams!

All of the movies I suggested are perfectly entertaining and Family Friendly. Boys may also enjoy the Disney Hockey Trilogy - Mighty Ducks. There's also cute skating scenes in Borrowed Hearts, The Bishop's Wife, and A Boyfriend for Christmas!

Have a Wonderful Weekend !!!


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