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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love's Enduring Promise


Love's Enduring Promise

Network: Hallmark Channel


January Jones ... Missie Davis
Logan Bartholomew ... Willie / Nate
Dale Midkiff ... Clark Davis
K'Sun Ray ... Aaron Davis
Logan Arens ... Arnie Davis
Mackenzie Astin ... Grant Thomas
Cliff De Young ... Zeke
Matthew Peters ... Brian Murphy
Michael Bartel ... Willie at 15
Katherine Heigl ... Marty Davis
Dominic Scott Kay ... Mattie
Blaine Pate ... Sam
Cara DeLizia ... Annie Walker
Robert F. Lyons ... Doc Watkins
Douglas Fisher ... Edward Trumball


A pioneering clan struggles to stay together—for the family, for the land, and for the promise of the future—amid life’s adversities…

With few alternatives, pioneer widow Marty Claridge (Katherine Heigl, Roswell) took up with Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff, Nancy Drew), a tough widower with a daughter named Missie(January Jones, Love Actually). What began as a relationship that was strictly business led unexpectedly to deep compassion and respect. Now they have a farm to tend, a family to feed, and a lot of love to give. However, the new season is bringing unexpected surprises and hardships since an accident has left Clark incapacitated. Facing the risk of losing their crop, Marty and the kids pull together. But for nineteen-year-old Missie, life is offering something else as she discovers a new beginning of her own…

Two new suitors are vying for the attention of the lovely young schoolteacher: handsome Grant Thomas (Mackenzie Astin, The Facts of Life), a railroad man surveying the land, and Nate (Logan Bartholomew, American Wedding), a mysterious traveler who’s been tending to Clark’s medical needs as well as his farm. Little does Clark realize, but he’s become a link between this enigmatic stranger and an old friend named Zeke, who harbors a dark secret that has shadowed his life. As Nate’s true identity and mission are revealed, so is his deep affection for Missie.

Based on award-winning author Janette Oke’s beloved series of bestselling books and directed by Michael Landon, Jr. (Love Comes Softly), Love’s Enduring Promise is heartening and inspiring entertainment for the entire family.

Movie Review:

Love's Enduring Promise is my favorite of all the Love Comes Softly Movies. I just adore the love story of Missie and Willie, portrayed by the lovely January Jones and very handsome Logan Bartholomew.

From the start, it's a very sweet story of a family who loves and cares for one another. When Clark's leg is injured in an accident, the family comes together and works hard to try and get the crops in the ground, even though this is hard work for a young woman, like Missie. Willie sees her struggling and comes to the rescue by helping out with the farmwork. Secretly, he has really returned to their town to make amends with his father over their past differences.

In the meantime, Willie and Missie become good friends while working on the farm and riding together, however at this same time, a suitor, Grant Thomas, comes to call on Missie. She enjoys his attention and considers the possibility of becoming his wife. Willie is heartbroken and decides he will leave town when he believes Missie and Grant will be married. Before he leaves, he reveals to Missie his true identity as Nate, the little boy who used to tease her in school when they were children. He even returns to her some ribbons that he had kept from many years ago. That is such a sweet moment.

Now, Missie has to decide who she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with... Grant Thomas, a rich railroad man, who tells her that she will never have to work or want for anything... Or, will she choose Willie Lahaye, the young man who has nothing but a dream of a Cattle Farm. Missie's father advises her "to never despise meager beginnings..."

It's truly a very sweet and precious Love story. Love beyond the romantic sense... Love of God and Love of Family, as well.

See or Skip:

See, a Beautifully Moving Story.



  1. I LOVE this movie! I love all of the Love Comes Softly movies but this one is my favorite ♥

  2. This one is good, but there are definitely some parts to skip. We skipped the parts with Willie's father and his flashbacks, as well as the medical part with Clark. But other than that, it is a sweet movie.

  3. Wonderful movie! We got our inspiration from it to name our homestead. There are many trials and tribulations in life but God is faithful.


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