Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Note

The Note:

Hallmark Original Christmas Movie starring Genie Francis (General Hospital) and Ted McGinley (Hope & Faith).

Genie Francis ... Peyton MacGruder
Ted McGinley ... King Danville
Rick Roberts ... Truman
Genelle Williams ... Mandi
Maria Ricossa ... Nora
Katie Boland ... Christine

from Hallmark:

A small scrap of paper carrying a message of love and forgiveness survives a fiery plane crash, and leads a journalist struggling with her own past to embark on an inspirational journey in “The Note.”

Genie Francis stars as Peyton MacGruder, a struggling human interest columnist whose editor warns her to bring her numbers up, or else. Dejected, her only moral support is from her longtime colleague, King Danville (McGinley), who she shares a flirtatious-but-professional relationship with. When a horrific plane crash kills all aboard in the waters near her office, Peyton suddenly finds herself in possession of a scrap of paper containing a hastily written but heartfelt message from one of the passengers to his child. Inspired by the power of the words, Peyton pledges to discover the note’s intended recipient and deliver it by Christmas. Taking her readers along for the journey while trying to stay one step ahead of a TV tabloid reporter (Roberts), Peyton sets out across the country in her search, and unexpectedly confronts her own personal demons in the process.

“The Note” shows how dramatically life can change in an instant, and how it takes mere moments to make a connection: to reach out to someone you care about, to offer words of reconciliation, to express love or regret or admiration.

Movie Review:

I was surprised that I enjoyed this movie as much as I did. That may sound odd, but I figured this movie, from the description, would be extremely sad and depressing, and while there certainly were "sad moments", I found it to be healing and uplifting to those who have endured a tragic loss.

I enjoyed watching as the relationship between Peyton and King slowly developed... and as Peyton was working through the mystery of who wrote the letter - while dealing with her own past issues.

It was beautifully moving! Not your typical fantasy Christmas Movie. This one seemed intelligently written and put together for a smart audience. I compare it with the Christmas Drama - A Christmas Wish, starring Debbie Reynolds - smart and intriging!

Also, I have always liked Genie Francis and Ted McGinley - so having them together in this.... is absolutely wonderful. Though I knew them from previous roles, they quickly became the characters of Peyton and King... and their quiet, simple love story is beautiful!

See or Skip:

I absolutely suggest that you should see this one! The Note is a very emotional and touching Movie. Please note it may not be suitable for children... as it deals with the topic of loss and death. I think older - maturer audiences will enjoy this dramatic mystery very much.

Click here for the Sequel Movie- The Note II : Taking a Chance on Love.

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