Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud:

Hallmark Channel Original Movie starring Gail O’Grady (American Dreams)


Gail O’Grady ... Emily Marshall
Michael Shanks ... Brad Marshall
Jessica Amlee ... Melissa Marshall
Alex Ferris ... Ben Marshall
Babs Chula ... Connie
Patrick Gilmore ... Drunk Karaoke Guy
Eve Harlow ... Jenny Skinner
Kelly-Ruth Mercier ... Minister
Carrie Ruscheinsky ... Karaoke Gal
Elizabeth Thai ... Karaoke singer
Brittany Tiplady ... Nicole
Vanesa Tomasino ... Chemo Nurse
Matt Ward ... J.T. Deavers
Ashley Whillans ... Courtney
Calum Worthy ... Henry


from Hallmark-

Emmy award-nominated actress Gail O’Grady (“N.Y.P.D. Blue,” “American Dreams”) stars in “Living Out Loud,” a compelling drama about a woman who gives up her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter for the dream of a family. When she discovers she has breast cancer, she wonders if it’s too late for one more dream to come true.

Emily Marshall (O’Grady) had aspirations and the talent to be a singer/songwriter, but instead, she decided to marry her husband, Brad, and together they raised two children, Melissa, 14, a cross-country runner and 10-year-old Ben. Now a busy mother and high school music teacher, Emily is shocked to discover that she has breast cancer.

Overnight, her life changes in ways she could never imagine. She finds herself having to face the challenges of her illness -- the treatments, the difficult side effects, the emotions and relying on her family for help – while continuing to teach her music class. Emily also finds unexpected inspiration and a whole new way of looking at life from a new friend who encourages her to wake up, stop sleepwalking through her life and start dreaming again.

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  1. This movie was the most moving and meaningful movies I have watched in a long time. Gail O'Grady is a very talented actress and has a wonderful spirit about her. This movie is a must see!!

  2. I saw this movie on star movies on cable here in the Philippines. My wife has breast cancer and she had modified radical mastectomy. I find the story very real and watching it was for me therapeutic. I wonder where I can get a DVD copy of this movie here in Manila. Looks like I am going to be in for that eternal search for one. I'd appreciate anyone's help so I can buy one for my wife to watch.

  3. I see de movie today on tv its a beautiful movie i recommanded!
    sorry for my english

  4. Very touching movie as I"ve watch in our cable channel..... hope to have a copy of this.... inspiring and meaningful.

  5. I cried, I laughed, I learned. This movie has it all. And it touched me to the core of my heart.

  6. Hallmark hasn't played this in a while on either of their channels. I hope they bring it back soon or at least think about releasing this inspirational movie on DVD.


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