Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Waltons

Since I like family programming... I am a big fan of The Waltons series. In fact, several years ago I created a web-site to express my love and enjoyment of this very special family drama. It is titled: A walk with Grandpa Walton and the Walton family. You can view it, here.

As of yesterday, the Hallmark Channel stopped playing The Waltons and will be replacing it with The Golden Girls. This news is very saddening to me and other Walton fans who I know enjoy watching this every morning... and some I know, tape it each morning to watch later in the day.

We need family shows on TV like this - that teach values and respect for others. It is sad to see it go and be replaced with a show that is already on the Lifetime channel. I have heard many requests for Hallmark or some other channel to air this in the evening time when families can watch this together.

Please take a minute to Contact The Hallmark Channel and let them you know you want them to bring The Waltons back to TV!

I will be watching my dvds of Television Series now more than ever! For more information on the dvds and other merchandise of The Waltons, please visit The Waltons General Store. It is run through Amazon and shipping is free with a $25 or more purchase. Seasons 1-8 are currently available for purchase - while Season 9, is available for Pre-Order and will be released on April 28th. You can view all of the DVD covers and more, in the store!

God bless you all,
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