Tuesday, May 14, 2019

From Friend to Fiancé - a Hallmark Channel "Countdown to Summer" Movie starring Jocelyn Hudon and Ryan Paevey


Movie: From Friend to Fiancé

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 25, 2019


Jocelyn Hudon ... Jess
Ryan Paevey ... Ted Cooper
Kelly Kruger ... Kimberly Kentwood
Derek McGrath ... Patrick
Nicole Stamp ... Sarah
Brigitte Kingsley ... Melinda
Vas Saranga ... Mike
Jennifer Vallance ... Gale Cooper
Melissa Strong ... Lauren
Jhaleil Swaby ... Rudy
Krista Jang ... Blair
Diane Johnstone ... Aunt Meme
Holly DeJoseph ... Megan


Storyline via Hallmark: When Ted gets engaged to the high school mean girl and asks Jess, his childhood best friend, to plan their wedding, things get complicated. Her true feelings for Ted keep getting in the way.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. Tim Conway passed away at age 85 this morning. He protrayed as Dan/Granddad on Surprised by Love

    1. I just heard this news. So sad. Another legendary actor gone. I just love the movie "Surprised by Love." I'm so glad he was able to do that movie for Hallmark.

  2. Jessie’s Tree House with Ted

    1. Yes, isn't that tree house cute? I'm looking forward to seeing it better in the movie.

  3. Is that Jess whose wears her wig behind the tree by wearing her hat & sunglasses?

    1. Yes, I believe it looks like Jocelyn Hudon, who is portraying Jess in the movie. I wonder what she is up to? It looks very suspicious that she is trying to disguise herself! :)

  4. This looks like a cute movie.I like to see a wedding being planned ... I get good ideas for if I am ever asked to help with one.


  5. I was looking forward to this one but didn't like it at all. I only watched maybe the first half hour but found it boring. I didn't like a few of the lines and I am not a huge fan of the "mean girl" thing.

  6. Afraid I have to agree here.Several people have commented that Hallmark seems to have dropped the ball somewhat seemingly going for quantity with at least one new movie a week rather than quality.

    I wouldn't say the movies are bad - they are pleasant enough to watch but there are very few this year you would want to watch again.

    This is my least favourite of all. Could not get interested in it at all despite liking Ryan Paevey.

    There really wasn't any chemistry there - quite simply they were just best friends. - very dsappointing.

    1. I previously stated I turned this off at the 1 hour mark, but I went back one day when it re-aired and re-watched it, the entire thing, and it was still so horrible. This was one of the only movies I DID NOT want the 2 love interests to get together. It went down to the last seconds of the movie before you even saw if they did get together, (I was really hoping they just stayed friends) there was honestly no love there, from Ted to Jess. Jess obviously loved him, but Ted liked her as a friend, from what was played out on the screen. And I am not even sure they were friends, really what supposed friend doesn't know their friend has a girlfriend? I can see where one friend may hide the identity for a while, but to not even know? And really, Jess said something like it had been a long time since she saw Ted's mom, really? BFF's???? no way. didn't they say they have scary movie night or whatever on a regular basis? and not even one of those times did the girlfriend text ted, call? Ted turns on his BFF very fast too.

      And the "mean" girl was very nice, I was honestly rooting for her and Ted, she was not awful at all.

      If they wanted us to believe in Jess and Ted, then have Ted in the beginning telling Jess he is finally going to tell her who he has been dating, and it is Kimberly. Jess could think ok, and then Ted tells her he is engaged, and the Jess be surprised as when Ted would mention this girl, he never sounded like it was serious. I could believe that. Then have Ted Tell Jess does it bother you I am getting married? Jess say of course no (but it is) and maybe show Ted just a little sad that it didn't bother Jess, then I could buy this love story of Jess and Ted. But to me, Ted didn't have romantic feelings for Jess at all, and not at the end either.

  7. This was an odd, quirky movie - it was a bit edgy and not quite as wholesome as Hallmark's usually are.

    It didn't seem like a Hallmark movie.

  8. This was a strange movie for Hallmark. The script was different -- there was a joking reference to a girl taking her clothes off and a mention of the word hell...which seemed out of sorts for traditional Hallmark movies. On top of that, I thought Jocelyn Hudon and the girl that played Kimberley were strangely cast. Jocelyn seemed so much younger than Ryan Paevey, it was hard to connect them together as friends or even as love interests. I found the storyline to be gossipy and full of blame on who was cheating on who etc., it was bizarre.

    On top of that, I really liked Jocelyn Hudon in Love Locks, but I find sometimes she tries to play the quirky clumsy character too hard! Her acting is a bit over the top -- so much so that I am watching her act and not watching the movie. I think if she slowed down her words and temperament and took a breath (I noticed a few scenes where she did this mid movie) it would flow so much better.


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