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Marrying Mr. Darcy - a Hallmark Channel June Weddings Movie starring Cindy Busby & Ryan Paevey!


Movie: Marrying Mr. Darcy

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 2, 2018


Cindy Busby ... Elizabeth Scott
Ryan Paevey ... Donovan Darcy
Frances Fisher ... Violet Darcy
Lini Evans ... Linda Scott
Tammy Gillis ... Jenna Scott
Yasmeene Ball ... Zara Darcy
Erin Boyes ... Mariana Merel
Gidget (the dog) ... Rose


Storyline via Hallmark: Some six months after they first crossed verbal swords at a Washington D.C. dog show, schoolteacher Elizabeth Scott (Cindy Busby) and businessman/philanthropist Donovan Darcy (Ryan Paevey) are blissfully in love and newly engaged. With Donovan in agreement, she looks forward to planning a small autumn wedding with the help of her mother and sister. After Donovan’s previously scornful Aunt Violet (Frances Fisher) makes a heartfelt apology for her past behavior, Elizabeth is glad to include her in the planning process. As the weeks fly by and the arrangements for the wedding grow more elaborate, Elizabeth feels the burden of expectations she will face as Mrs. Darcy. Worse still, Donovan himself is wrapped up in his work and increasingly unavailable to her. Reminded yet again of their tremendous differences in background and temperament, Elizabeth can’t help but ask herself: should she marry Mr. Darcy?

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer


  1. Can't wait! I thoroughly enjoyed Unleashing Mr. Darcy.

  2. I spy author Teri Wilson in the photo of Elizabeth/Cindy holding the bouquet!!

  3. OMG!! So excited!! Unleasing Mr. Darcy is my favorite Hallmark movie of all time!

  4. Two gowns? Two weddings?

    1. I've been wondering the same thing! It definitely looks like there are two different wedding ceremonies. Should be interesting to see how this fits into the story.

  5. What a stunning couple and I loved "Unleashing Mr. Darcy"! I couldn't believe we are getting a sequel and I'm really happy Aunt Violet will be back in the picture. I won't miss this one!! Yay!!

  6. Soo looking forward to seeing this “ Marrying Mr. Darcy “ I loved the first one “ Mr. Darcy
    Unleashed “ whoo whoo !

  7. Good sequel. The characters have grown since the first movie. I loved that most of the original cast were back! I wonder when Henry and Jenna will have their own wedding! Are wedding bells in the near future?
    It would have been fun to see a double wedding, in true "Pride and Prejudice" fashion! But alas, no such luck! :) I was pleased that Jenna and Henry were still going strong though! And Mr. Darcy was so sweet! He really wanted Elizabeth to be happy and tried to make the honeymoon special. He is simply adorable! I loved the tender moments between the two (the proposal for one!).

    While I liked the movie, I miss the original Zara. Her spunk and fire was missed. :( Nothing bad about the new actress but I found myself missing the attitude and face of the original.


  8. Probably, there's 3rd movie is "Merry Christmas, Mr. Darcy"

  9. I thought the movie was a little too cute. I thought felicity and violet could have caused some drama. Liked Zara but missed the origional one. She had all the right faces and spunk. Sorry but I feel hallmark missed the mark on thos one.

  10. I was so disappointed in this movie! I thought it was terrible from start to finish. It was boring to me, and I thought that Elizabeth was so, so selfish! She just kept demanding her own way. The times that she did compromise on things, she then pouted and complained about it, and eventually still demanded her own way. I felt bad for Donovan. He kept trying and trying to please her and ended up giving up all the things he wanted/needed.

  11. LOVE💗LOVE Marrying Mr. Darcy!! An absolute favorite along with Unleashing Mr. Darcy!! The Chemistry was like no other!! Great storyline! Real love story portrayed on screen great cast! Don't want this love story to end!! #3 Darcy's Ryan and Cindy the best!!

  12. Love Ryan Paevey!! He is an awesome actor! He is destined for great things!! 💗


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