Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hallmark Channel Announces 2018 Winterfest Movies!

Hallmark breaks the ice, when Christmas ends, with Winterfest movies that still give us that hint of cold weather, snowfalls, and days of warming by the fire. It's almost the feeling of Christmas. Almost. That's why Hallmark Winterfest movies are so good. They ease us into a new year - with all new movies to enjoy! So, take a look at what the Hallmark Channel has in store for 2018... (so far!)

On the Set of "Heart of a Mountain"
Pictured: Kristy Swanson, Lizzie Boys, and Dean Cain
image via: Kristin Booth instagram

2018 Hallmark Channel Winterfest Movies:

Premieres Saturday, January 6th at 9/8c
Starring Katrina Bowden and Thomas Beaudoin
NYC-based copy editor, Alex, is sent to Ridgeline Resort, an extreme sports outpost, to write a story for a travel writing competition. At first, she fails at everything – much to the chagrin of Cole, an extreme sports enthusiast who thinks this city girl should head back to New York. But when Alex offers to assist Cole with his local arts festival, he reluctantly obliges to be her guide as she faces her fears doing one extreme sport after the next.

Premieres Saturday, January 13th at 9/8c
Starring Rachael Leigh Cooke and Niall Matter
When struggling bookstore owner Mary and the bad boy of professional hockey, Adam, are teamed together to help facilitate an image makeover for the other, they soon realize that opposites attract and they find themselves unexpectedly frozen in love.

Previous title: SNOWBOUND
Premieres Saturday, January 20th at 9/8c
Starring Taylor Cole
Cara, a women’s magazine writer who gets burned by her boyfriend on New Years’ Eve, decides to go on a dating detox. Challenged by her employer to write about it, she hopes a spontaneous ski getaway with her best friend will spark inspiration. Complicating matters, they discover they’ve double booked their chalet with two eligible men, including Ben, an entrepreneur. When the share-mates get snowed in, Cara and Ben are thrown together.

Premieres Saturday, January 27th at 9/8c
Starring Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson
Story by: Tim Ware & Kristin Booth (of Signed, Sealed, Delivered) Written by: Tim Ware
A former ski champion reenters the competitive world when a 16-year old downhill racer asks for help, leading her to reawaken an old passion and find a new love.

*Movie Titles and Plot descriptions above via the Hallmark Channel.


  1. Really looking forward to The Heart of the Mountain. Anything Kristin Booth is involved in has to be top-notch. POstables are in agony waiting for SSD:The Road Less Traveled due in March, so this one is exciting to anticipate as we wait. The story, the actors,and the sets all look fabulous! Hope Abbott and Vicary treat us to ATLEAST one SSD film every 3 months in 2018!

    1. I thought it was Feb. For Road has that changed?

    2. Yes, Kristin Booth (Shane) and other cast members have shared that "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Road Less Traveled" is coming now in March on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

      I'm with you, Marybeth... I can't wait to see this new SSD movie!!! :)

  2. Aww!! These look so cute. It's always fun to see Hallmark create so many seasonal campaigns for viewers throughout the year - and I always love their Winterfest because it evokes all of the same Christmas feels.

    Love that so many of these are sport related - likely inspiration taken from the 2018 winter Olympics. :)

    1. Exactly, Rissi!!! :) I was thinking the same thing! The sports storyline sounds like perfect timing with the Winter Olympics coming soon! Hallmark is so great at being in tune with each season, plus what's going on in the world!

      I hope they play Meghan Markle's Hallmark movies "When Sparks Fly" and "Dater's Handbook" next year in May, around the time of her Royal Wedding to Prince Harry! They are both fun movies, but "Dater's Handbook," in my opinion, is extra cute! :)

    2. Oh my goodness, Net! I had no idea Meghan Markle has starred in Hallmark movies. Thanks for mentioning it! I'll be watching for both of them to air.

  3. These movies sound great!
    I wonder what Danika is filming now? I guess it's not part of Winterfest (but it's filming in Canada).


    1. Yes, I saw Danica tweet that she was off to film another Hallmark movie! Her movie "Campfire Kiss" earlier this year was an in-between movie and didn't have a theme like Winterfest, Valentine's Day, or Spring Fling. If I had to guess where this new Hallmark movie will go, I would choose Valentine's Day... but, we'll see!!! :)

  4. Yes, Net!! I love Hallmark's compassion to those of us who are "Christmas Crazy" by giving us cold weather movies to help us transition from the most beautiful season of the year!! Great cast in all four films....can't wait!!

    1. I know, Linda, these look great! But, as great as they look, I want to hold on to Christmas as loooooooooonnnng as possible!!!

      I agree - Hallmark is the best at helping us through the transition!!! :)

  5. These look really good. They are filming Heart of the Mountain and Frozen in Love now in Canada. I love Niall Matter and cant wait to see him in more stuff. Oh, and his little son from WCTH, he was so adorable in Bramble House. I watched that movie again last night, I love it. That little boy is a great actor too. I hope to see him in more Hallmark movies and WCTH.

    1. Yes, it's been fun to see on social media some set pics, etc... from these movies! I always like to share here once Hallmark makes it official!

      I also loved the little boy Phillip (Liam Hughes) on When Calls the Heart! He's such a cutie! Would love to see him in more, too! But, since Niall Matter didn't return to WCTH, (which was a creative decision, not Niall's) I'm sure little Phillip will be gone, too. :(

      Let's hope we will see him in more movies, though! I think there's a pretty good chance, since many adored him as Scout in "A Bramble House Christmas"!

    2. Oh no, I didn't know Niall wasn't on WCTH anymore, he was so good. Him and Erin have great chemistry, but of course Elizabeth belongs with Jack. But Erin & Niall on the Father Christmas series, they are good together. I am glad WCTH kept Paul Greene.

    3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Niall Matter's character and Faith Carter dating in the fourth season? I wonder if Faith Carter might start dating the "young Mountie" from the new WCTH Christmas movie if he becomes a recurring character on the show?

    4. You are 100% right! Niall's character Shane was showing great interest in Faith, and she in him. In fact, they had kissed at the end of season 4. Poor Faith, she's broken off her engagement to her rich fiancée, Jack was already taken when they met, and now Shane has left town and most likely broken her heart again. Perhaps, only Dr. Carter (Paul Greene) can mend it back again? Just a thought... since they will be working closely together as Doctor and Nurse. But, who knows, someone else may steal both of their hearts! This new Mountie may (finally!) just be the right guy for Faith! Can't wait for February 18th when Season 5 begins!!! :)

  6. Oh and Love on the Slopes already filmed too in Canada it was called something else Winter of Love. I thought it was a Hallmark movie.

    1. And... you never know, Sabrina, there's still a possibility any of these titles may change, too, before they premiere! I liked "Winter of Love," but I think they wanted it to have a sport or ski feel to the title. Maybe they'll use that original title next year! :)

    2. They changed title from Winter of Love to Love on the Slopes as referred to skiing or snowboarding

  7. I wonder if they wear winter outfits for Hallmark movies

  8. I had to come here and share!!! From the Hallmark site, it looks like Snowbound will be with Taylor Cole and her male co-star.....Jack Turner, they are reuniting again as they were in My Summer Prince together and I loved them together, yay!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Let's see more of Wes Brown, Steve Lund, Andrew Walker,
    Jack Greene, and Taylor Cole and Jill Wagner. Thanks!

    1. Yes!!! Would love to see more of all of them, too! Did you, perhaps, mean Jack Turner and Paul Greene, instead of Jack Greene?

      They are all such wonderful actors & actresses!!! :)

      Thank you for sharing!!! Happy New Year and Many Blessings!!! Net


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