Monday, May 22, 2017

"Mechanics of Love" - a PixL Movie starring Shenae Grimes-Beech


Movie: Mechanics of Love

Network: PixL

Original Air Date: June 3, 2017

image on set of 'The Mechanics of Love' via: Instagram

image Shenae Grimes-Beech 'The Mechanics of Love' via: moviefone


Shenae Grimes-Beech ... Matti Dupree
Tyler Hynes ... Jake Henderson
Lochlyn Munro ... Doc Dupree
Emily Tennant ... Clare Dupree
Blair Penner ... TJ
Ryan Bruce ... Jonathan
Yvonne Chapman ... Pretty Waitress
Emily Mae Giles ... Young Matti
BJ Harrison ... Anna
Nils Hognestad ... Photographer
Milo Shandel ... Donald
William Vaughan ... Devin


Storyline: A tech entrepreneur is shocked to learn that her father's auto repair shop is in the red. She soon learns that a charming childhood friend wants to buy the struggling business.

In town for a wedding, Mattilynn runs into an old flame at her father's mechanic shop and is torn between staying and returning to the big city.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. at last, no more dogs. Hello Net! It's been a long time, I haven't stop by lately, truthfully I wasn't watching most of the movies you have shared, not your fault at all, is all those dogs, when I see a dog close to a human being, any romantic comedy becomes a horrifying thriller, I know many people who have been attack by dogs, I can't watch movies that are all about dogs, just can't. I really hope they change the subject now, with the June Weddings theme. Thanks for letting me know about this one.

    1. Awe, so good to hear from you "A Wonderful Fan!"

      I am sorry to hear the dog movies have affected you so. If it makes you feel any better, all the dogs I've seen have been fairly small, puppy like.

      In the movie "The Birthday Wish" the main character Gwen Turner (portrayed by Jessy Schram) is also frightened by dogs since an incident from her childhood. She works through it with her friend, Dave (portrayed by Luke Macfarlane) who introduces her to some adorable little puppies. But, that was a movie, so of course it had a happy ending. I'm sorry to hear so many people you know have been attacked by dogs. I think it's always healthy to be extremely careful and cautious around any animal.

      On a brighter note... I, too, think the upcoming June Wedding Movies on Hallmark look quite good this year and PixL has promoted some that look really cute, too! (even if I can't see them, yet!)

      Blessings to you, A Wonderful Fan!!! And, thank you for commenting!!! I missed hearing from You!!! :) Net

    2. Thank you so much for taking a moment to answer Net, you are a true blessing!

    3. You're welcome, A Wonderful Fan! I'm always hear to listen and help, if I can. Thank you for blessing me back with your thoughtful comment! :)

  3. New poster

    1. Yay! Thanks so much for sharing this poster link, Anonymous! I will definitely add it above!!! :)

  4. Website update

  5. That was a good movie!!! I watched it and perfect bride on same day. Got to say Pixl movie was way better and watched it after perfect bride.

  6. Hi! I just watched the movie and it was sweet but i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the band that played at the wedding? I found them very cheerful but i can't find anything about them :)


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