Friday, November 25, 2016

Remembering Actress Florence Henderson - "Carol Brady"

Forever in our hearts she will be the Brady Bunch Mother...
"All of them had hair of Gold, like their Mother..."

Florence Henderson as Carol Brady in "The Brady Brunch"

Florence Henderson, was such a delight to watch, mostly always bringing personality & spunk to her roles, such as 'The Brady Bunch' or Hallmark's "Matchmaker Santa." But she could also bring a serious, dramatic feel, as well, as in Hallmark's "Ladies of the House" or the heartwarming story of "The Christmas Bunny." (If you haven't seen Florence in "The Christmas Bunny" - then, you absolutely must! She is terrific! You may hardly recognize her!)

Florence Henderson as Peggy in "Matchmaker Santa"

Florence Agnes Henderson was born February 14, 1934, the youngest of ten children, in the small town of Dale, in southern Indiana. She passed away on November 24, 2016, of heart failure, surrounded by her family. She had four children: Barbara, Joseph , Bob, and Elizabeth.

Florence Henderson in Hallmark's "Ladies of the House"

You can see Florence's intensive 6 decade career span on her imdb listing, here! From the stage, to the big & small screen, musicals (such as "The Sound of Music"), game shows, variety shows, singing annually at the Indianapolis 500, and so on and on... Florence Henderson certainly did it all!!! Her great talent will definitely be missed.

Our hearts and prayers go out now to Florence's dear family & friends. God Bless...


  1. This celebrity death actually had me crying. While I never got to meet her, I'm a lifelong fan, and her recent support of Maureen on Dancing With the Stars got me all choked up as well. She was a class act and an icon. RIP, Florence.

  2. Oh no! I love Florence Henderson! I'm shocked at this news. She looked like such an active healthy woman. How can this be? I'm so sad.

  3. Watching further showings of Matchmaker Santa will be bittersweet this year.

  4. I don't think I've seen Florence in the other Hallmark movie you mentioned. What is "Ladies of the House" ?

    1. "Ladies of the House" is a deep story about 3 woman who take on their church project of rebuilding a house, and in the process, each go through life changing situations which causes them to rebuild their lives. Their friendship is strong and helps them each get through this difficult time. I have more details, movie pictures, and a review of the movie, here.


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