Monday, September 5, 2016

PixL Movie 'Casa Vita' airs Tuesday Night on LMN!

'Casa Vita'

Storyline via PIXL: Iowa farmer Early Lindstrom (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) receives an invitation to attend a Major League baseball camp in Los Angeles. New to town, Early is invited by teammate Beto to his family’s Mexican restaurant where Early is immediately smitten by the chef, Ariana (Lindsey Morgan). Wanting to get close to Ariana, Early applies for the prep cook position. Against Ariana’s wishes her father, Rodrigo (Esai Morales), hires him. After a cold start, their relationship softens when they learn they both share a strained relationship with their fathers. As they grow closer, Ariana reveals to Early that she is secretly planning on opening a restaurant. When Early makes the team he receives a congratulatory kiss from a flirtatious agent, Taylor. Things are looking good for the pair until Early suffers an injury on the field that threatens to destroy his career and send him home to the farm.

See 'Casa Vita'

Tuesday September 6, 2016

at 8 pm/7c. on Lifetime Movie Network

*Repeats at 12am/11c.


  1. Watched it back in Feb after it was posted in here. Pretty good movie. Different take in that both the man and woman had their stories told equally as leads instead of the focus being mostly on the woman. The Mexican restaurant and baseball field were different settings and a welcome change. Very diverse cast with a non white lead which was refreshing.

    PixL is setting themselves apart from Hallmark and I like it. The stories are more youthful, the leads are young adults finding themselves, the acting is solid and so many popular recognizeable faces.

  2. Do you know when Comcast will have PixL? I have called but no response. Happy Labor Day. Peace

    1. As of right now only Dish has it however you can watch all their movies on Youtube for 1.99 a month

  3. Rewatching this one which I adore. Hopefully it will be nominated for the Its A Wonderful Movie Awards

    1. I didn’t get the chance to see this movie, but I did see “The Reluctant Nanny”. That’s the movie that I personally hope gets nominated for the “It’s a Wonderful Movie” awards. Who knows? Maybe both movies could get nominated! I really liked the idea of PixL movies airing on LMN. I wonder if the network is going to premiere more PixL movies on their channel?

  4. I watched Casa Vita recently and it was so refreshing to see a young woman in a romatic type movie who was able to follow her career dreams and get the guy. So often its written in these movies that the man is more important than the career and she sacrifices her career for love.


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