Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PixL Movie 'Letter Never Sent'


Haley Webb
Callard Harris
Eva La Rue


via PixL: High school nerd, Henry (Callard Harris), has a secret crush on his neighbor and popular classmate, Claire (Haley Webb). After seeing Claire devastated over her breakup with Zack, Henry gets the courage to declare his longtime love for her in a letter. His plan goes awry when he learns that Claire has mended things with her boyfriend. Henry sadly tucks his love letter away in his yearbook never to be found again. Seven years later, Henry returns home with his best friend, Tom, for his mother Diane’s (Eva La Rue) 50th birthday party. While flipping through Henry’s yearbook, Tom discovers the undelivered love letter. Tom questions why Henry never sent it to Claire. Henry brushes it off as a silly high school crush. But during his stay, Henry bonds with Claire and his old feelings ignite. When he discovers Claire has a boyfriend he’s faced with expressing his feelings for her or letting her go…yet again.

See 'Letter Never Sent' on LMN
Tuesday September 13, 2016 at 8pm/7c.


  1. Net - Is the title of this movie "Lever Never Sent" (I had to double check 'cause that didn't make sense...) or did you mean "Letter Never Sent"? (at least that's what the title say on the movie poster). This looks interesting. Thanks for the Pixl list of movies and info. I'll be sure to check them out. Keep up the great work on your wonderful and informative blog. I enjoy reading and visiting. :-)

    1. Yes, it should be 'Letter Never Sent', like it says in the movie poster. That was my typo. Thank you for letting me know - I just fixed it! :)

  2. These sound great. What is the LMN ?

    1. LMN is Lifetime Movie Network.

      According to Wikipedia, you can find it on these Cable Providers...

      253 (SD/HD)

      Dish Network
      109 (HD/SD) 9471(HD)

      242 (AMC 18)

      Verizon FiOS
      141 (SD)
      641 (HD)

      AT&T U-verse
      362 (SD)
      1362 (HD)

      Hope this info helps!

  3. Hey Net! thanks alot for the updates, please, forgive me my curiosity, but I haven't seen your opinion on Pixl movies, if you have watch them, I would love to know what you think, I like to read your opinion on movies. Bye!

  4. Will this movie be on dvd? Good movie!

    1. This is a cute, fun movie... I was able to watch it on LMN, Lifetime Movie Network, when they aired a few PixL movies there. As for it being released on DVD, the PixL movies are, unfortunately, not available on DVD; however, you can either watch it on PixL (on DISH and other cable providers) or you can watch most PixL movies through Amazon's site: here!

      I searched for this movie; however, and I don't see it there. That's odd. I guess we'll have to keep a look out for it there- on PixL's streaming channel.


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