Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lacey Chabert Christmas Movie on DVD & More!!!

Have you heard the latest?...
Let's "CHAT" all about NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIES on DVD!!!

'A Christmas Melody' image via: Hallmark Crown Media

The image above is a clue to one of the latest Amazon DVD releases!


Hallmark's 'Charming Christmas' starring Julie Benz and David Sutcliffe is a charming story of a modern day Santa and a female Scrooge, whose heart changes for the better at Christmastime!

Click Here for DVD info!

Hallmark's 'A Christmas Melody' starring Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott, and Mariah Carey (who also directs), is a sweet Holiday tale of a young mother and daughter who find love and friendship in a small town.

Click Here for DVD info!

Hallmark's 'The Bridge' starring Faith Ford, Ted McGinley, Katie Findlay, and Wyatt Nash is a two part movie (174 minutes) where circumstances draw people together in a local bookstore, and each life connects with the other. Based on the story by author Karen Kingsbury.

If you enjoyed 'The Bridge',
then you also may want to check out...

(Hardcover Book)

Isn't that cover absolutely breathtaking? A glorious winter wonderland!

If you recall, I shared with you all... "The Baxter Family" is coming to TV, too!!! See details here!

*Credit goes to Shirley S. for discovering the wonderful Christmas DVD News above! Thank You!


  1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, July 19, 2016

    Net -- It's funny because DVD releases are not usually something I track or pay attention to until you post a blog about them. This year, specifically, I have been checking and wondering about DVD releases, as I was really hoping that "A Christmas Melody" would be one of them. Every time I checked both Amazon and Christianbook -- nothing as far as pre-orders, beyond what you had already posted here.

    Just yesterday I was thinking, "Okay, we usually start to hear about more Christmas movies coming to DVD in July or August... it's about time." But I didn't look for anything. Sure enough... today, here they are!

    In any case, I'm glad to see that "A Christmas Melody" is one of the DVDs -- I was positive this one would end up on DVD unless there was some sort of legal issue on Mariah's side of things, as far as the music or whatever.

    I'm more surprised to see "Charming Christmas" on DVD instead of, for example, "I'm Not Ready for Christmas." If INRFC doesn't make it to DVD, I can only assume it might have to do with legal issues and red tape because of Alicia's song being in it. Maybe there is still hope for a DVD announcement next month.

    1. Yes, Shirley S. discovered these and was so sweet to share them with me, so I could in turn, share them with all of you!!!

      I'll never know how or why they choose the ones they do, but I'm just glad to see more and more become available. Still searching for 'Matchmaker Santa', again, this year!

      I'm surprised we haven't seen 'I'm Not Ready for Christmas' released yet, too... Guess It's Not Ready for DVD!!! (Couldn't resist!)

  2. Oh, I'm so excited, Net!! I just pre-ordered my copies and can't wait to get them!! I hope more will be released soon!!

    1. That's wonderful, Linda! Isn't it so much fun to add to our Christmas Movie library every year with all our new favorites - and Hallmark certainly gives us plenty of delightful Christmas movies to love each year!!! I, too, am hoping to see more!!!

      I thought of you during Christmas in July - when I watched 'Nine Lives', and remembered how you said you enjoyed that one, too! It's such a cute one!!! An instant Favorite!!! :)

      Thank you, Linda, for pre-ordering through my site... I always appreciate your sweet comments and support!!!

  3. Hopefully there will be more releases for Christmas movies. The one that I really want to come out on DVD is "On the Twelfth Day of Christmas".

  4. I am still looking for "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" Do you know if it on DVD yet? Once again I thank you so much for your information. It is so helpful for us "shutins." Peace and Grace

  5. Hey Hearties, great news! I was just on Amazon and found season 3 available for pre-order. It is scheduled to come out October 4. It seems like October 4th is a big release day for Hallmark movies. Hopefully we will have more before the end of the year! Have A Wonderful Day!!!


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