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Who is Your Favorite YOUNG ACTOR & ACTRESS from a TV Movie? VOTE Here!!!

This Week we will again have two separate polls - so be sure to Vote in both Poll #8 & Poll #9...

See ALL the NOMINEES Below!

Please see the complete list of YOUNG ACTORS & ACTRESSES Nominees below from Family Movies in 2015, listed in alphabetical order, with their pictures, to choose which ones were your favorites. Then, you may Vote for your favorites by taking both of the Polls listed directly in this post! Please- one vote per person. Results will be kept confidential, until the ultimate winner is revealed.

POLL #8:

Favorite Young Actor Nominees from 2015:

Nominee List: (Scroll Down & Vote in the Poll Below...)

1. Anthony Bolognese
-- A Gift Wrapped Christmas - Lifetime

2. Forrest Deal
-- Coat of Many Colors - NBC

3. Carter Ryan Evancic
-- When Calls the Heart: New Years Wish - Hallmark Channel

4. Drew Justice
-- Little Rascals Save the Day - Discovery Family Channel

5. Rowen Kahn
-- Harvest Moon - Hallmark Channel

6. Dylan Kingwell
-- Ice Sculpture Christmas - Hallmark Channel
-- The Christmas Note - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

7. Brendan Meyer
-- Garage Sale Mystery : The Deadly Room - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

8. Elijah Nelson
-- Switchmas (All I Want Is Christmas) - FXM

9. Keifer O'Reilly
-- October Kiss - Hallmark Channel

10. Graham Verchere
-- Perfect Match - Hallmark Channel

11. Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh
-- A Country Wedding - Hallmark Channel
-- Welcome Home - UP

12. Aidan Wojtak
-- Charming Christmas - Hallmark Channel

POLL #9:

Favorite Young Actress Nominees from 2015:

Nominee List: (Scroll Down & Vote in the Poll Below...)

1. Mia Bagley
-- I'm Not Ready for Christmas - Hallmark Channel

2. Ellie Botterill
-- Crown for Christmas - Hallmark Channel

3. Hannah Cheramy
-- October Kiss - Hallmark Channel

4. Lilah Fitzgerald
-- A Girl's Best Friend - UP
-- Harvest Moon - Hallmark Channel

5. Lolah Flanery
-- Last Chance Christmas - Lifetime

6. Alyvia Alan Lind
-- Coat of Many Colors - NBC

7. Bailee Madison
-- Northpole: Open for Christmas - Hallmark Channel

8. Jaeda Lily Miller
-- Love Under the Stars - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

9. Ali Skovbye
-- The Gourmet Detective - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
-- The Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
-- My One Christmas Wish - UP
-- When Calls the Heart: New Years Wish - Hallmark Channel

10. Fina Strazza
-- A Christmas Melody - Hallmark Channel

11. Imogean Tear
-- The Magic Stocking - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

12. Ava Telek
-- Northpole: Open for Christmas - Hallmark Channel


(You may choose as many as you like and Vote for ALL of Your Favorites!)

Who is your Favorite Young Actor, from a TV Movie?
Anthony Bolognese
Forrest Deal
Carter Ryan Evancic
Drew Justice
Rowen Kahn
Dylan Kingwell
Brendan Meyer
Elijah Nelson
Keifer O'Reilly
Graham Verchere
Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh
Aidan Wojtak
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(You may choose as many as you like and Vote for ALL of Your Favorites!)

Who is your Favorite Young Actress, from a TV Movie?
Mia Bagley
Ellie Butterill
Hannah Cheramy
Lilah Fitzgerald
Lolah Flanery
Alyvia Alan Lind
Bailee Madison
Jaeda Lily Miller
Ali Skoybye
Fina Strazza
Imogean Tear
Ava Telek
Do Riddles

Thank You All once again
for Participating
in the "It's a Wonderful Movie" Polls!

FYI: These polls will close May 25th at 12 noon eastern standard time and that will conclude all polling!

Results will be posted soon... so please stay tuned!!

Have fun choosing all your favorites and I hope you enjoy your next movie night!!!


  1. I believe that Ellie’s last name is misspelled. Her last name is Botterill not Butterill.

    1. Thank you. I fixed it in the nominee area, but... unfortunately, I cannot change the poll section. I do appreciate you letting me know.

      Thank you for voting in the poll! We certainly had a wonderful year of young talent! :)

  2. Thanks for giving us pictures to match up with these names. I wouldn't have known half of them otherwise, but when I see their face I remember them perfectly.

    1. I know what you mean, as I had to look most of them up, too. Like you, I knew their face and movie, but not their name. Hope we will see many of them in Hallmark projects for years to come!

  3. Just voted! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't vote for all my favorites. Thanks for making it easy and fun. Can't wait to see if some of my favorites make it to the top!

    1. Thank you for voting! Hope your favorites do really well! :)

  4. Just glancing over the lists I have a hunch who will win both, but I won't say. Don't want to sway it. Sometimes popularity wins over performance.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know I added my vote and I love how you set up all of these polls this year. Good luck to all the nominees!

    1. Yeah, I have some hunches, too, this go around, but they were all so wonderful this past year - I think it's still a tough competition.

      Thank you for your comment, Lauren! :)

  5. ...just voted!! The young one's add so much to our beloved movies; so glad you continue to include them, Net!!

    1. Awe, I so agree, Linda... they added so much to these movies, as some were the stars or scene-stealers! Thank you bunches for voting!!! I always love and look forward to your thoughtful, witty comments!!!

  6. Jaeda Lily Miller was also in Up's Angels in the Snow last year. In fact the story was told from her character's POV


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