Monday, November 16, 2015

CHRISTMAS UPDATES - Hallmark, Lifetime, TBN, AMC, & More!!!

A Happy Yule Log – This Thanksgiving!!!

The Christmas TV Schedule has just been updated - as Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has added "A Happy Yule Log" to their schedule – the day before and on Thanksgiving Day!

Description via Hallmark: "Spend Thanksgiving by the fireside with HMM. Enjoy the glow of the yule log, along with holiday music and a very Happy Cat and Dog."

"A Happy Yule Log" Begins Wednesday November 25th at 5 PM/4c. – and ends Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Day at 5 PM/4c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Lifetime Moves added to the Schedule!

Christmas in the City
Yes, I did it!

Every year I contemplate whether or not to include Lifetime’s Christmas movies, because every year when I post them – they change so much – and I am constantly fixing the schedule. Well, in spite of past difficulties, I decided to try it again this year. So, here goes!!!

You will find the Family Friendly Lifetime movies listed on my Christmas TV Schedule, along with the New Lifetime Movie Premieres! Their schedule is only released 2 weeks in advance – so you’ll want to check back in for additional updates!

White Christmas and more Christmas Classics…
added to the schedule!!!

White Christmas

AMC will be airing some of the traditional classic Christmas movies we love… including White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, and more! Plus, Christmas with the Kranks, Jingle All the Way, and All I Want for Christmas!

Find these titles quickly by going to the Christmas TV Schedule page. Then after the page loads – click EDIT > FIND ON THIS PAGE > then insert the Title of the movie you are searching (must be spelled correctly) – then it will be highlighted throughout the page! You just have to click NEXT – to see the next air time for the movie you are searching. If you are using an Ipad, simply type in the title of the movie you are searching – in the web address area at the top– when options appear underneath - click on the find on this page feature, and it will be highlighted on the page! Instead of the title, you can also insert the network, such as AMC to find everything playing on that network.

By the way, the AMC Christmas Movies have been updated – up until December 17th! There will be more additions made for the week or so before Christmas! So… please stay tuned!!!

More Christmas Movie Additions - on TBN!...
A Christmas Wish

I have added more Christmas Movies - airing this year on TBN, including:

A Christmas Wish (with Kristy Smanson),
Just Where I Belong (AKA The Christmas Bunny, with Florence Henderson),
The Christmas Lodge (with Michael Shanks),
The Christmas Child (with Megan Follows),
Christmas With A Capital "C" (with Ted McGinley),
Love’s Christmas Journey (with Natalie Hall), and more!!!

See all these Movies and More in the Christmas TV Schedule!!!


  1. Thankful for this site keeping the schedules straight! LOL


    1. I do my best! Thank you for all your support & sweet comments!!! :)

  2. You probably have seen this but the Christmas schedule for MeTV is out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for sharing! Me-TV plays wonderful classic Christmas programming! This should be especially nice for those who have digital TV! :)

  3. I would like to search the Christmas TV schedule by channel. Where do I find the "Edit" button? Thanks for all the work you do -I love having this schedule available.

    1. I'll do my best to explain how you do it... I'll give two options.

      You first go to the page you are searching on. In this case, I'm assuming you are looking through the Christmas TV Schedule. After the page is completely loaded,

      OPTION #1: Press Control + F and a Find it pop up box will open! Type in what you are searching (must be spelled correctly) and it should be highlighted on the page. Click next for more options.

      OPTION #2:
      Click Edit (which is typically at the top of your page in the toolbars) then click "Find on this page" and type in the Search area the Movie title you are seeking (must be spelled correctly!) in the Pop Up Box / Search bar. Click Next - and find it quickly on this page as each time it's listed should be highlighted!

      Hope both of these options help!


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