Friday, October 9, 2015

HALLMARK DVD ALERT! (with Lacey Chabert & Kellie Martin!)

Two New Hallmark Movies coming to DVD!!!

First, are Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott in
the romantic comedy that stole many hearts... with
Also, New to DVD is Kellie Martin as
the wedding planner turned bride, in
These are both delightful, romantic comedies - that would be a great addition to any DVD collection!
A Special "Thank You" to Rissi, a very sweet blogging friend, who shared this info with me via twitter! "Thank You!" "Thank You!"
I know so many of you - have been asking for more Hallmark movies on DVD and it's fantastic to see these releases and only hope for more of our favorites! I would personally love to also see the Hallmark Movies "Window Wonderland" and "Surprised by Love" come to DVD... but for now I'm absolutely loving that they are giving us "So You Said Yes" and "ALL OF MY HEART"!
Are you also loving this? And, which Hallmark movie are you still hoping to see someday on DVD?


  1. Matchmaker Santa with Lacey Chabert!

  2. Yay! So glad the All of My Heart is going to be on DVD!


  3. Window Wonderland was one of my favorites ever! I would love to own it on DVD!

  4. Already preordered So You Said Yes, for reasons! ;) Loved that sweet rom-com.

  5. Yes, yes, yes, I'm loving it, Net!! I ordered mine and can't wait to get them. I constantly play the song "World's Apart" by Joshua Radin from "All of my Heart"!! It's beautiful....

  6. I would love to see GSM: The Deadly Room and The Wedding Dress on DVD. Also, would love to see the other mystery wheel movies, Aurora T. and Gourmet Detective movies on DVD.

  7. Older, but still my favorite: Matchmaker Santa ! Newer: One Starry
    Christmas, Midnight Masquerade, Surprised by Love. Loved: So You Said Yes - definitely !

  8. I would love to see on DVDs the following: Flower Girl, Chasing Leprechauns, The Christmas Shepherd, Wedding Planner Mystery, Second Chance, Perfect Match, Matchmaker Santa, Bridal Wave, The Gourmet Detective series, and I am not sure if this last one is a Hallmark movie or not but Christmas With Tucker!

  9. I look forward to Help for the Holidays every year. Waiting for it to come out on DVD

  10. Would love match maker santa, let it snow and Christmas Shepard


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