Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alicia Witt Filming CHRISTMAS Movie!

I had an anonymous tip, here, that actress Alicia Witt shared via social media, an image of herself and a young girl on set of a new movie, filming in Utah. When you look closely at the picture - it's easy to see a cupcake decorated in Christmas holly and a lighted garland in the background.

Here's the on-set Pic of Alicia Witt:

After reading other tweets, I am 100% confident this is a Christmas movie. (UPDATE: Since writing this statement Alicia has confirmed via Facebook it is, indeed, a Christmas Movie! Thank you again Anonymous poster for sharing this news!)  
Alicia has also shared her leading man in the movie is actor George Stults. Whether it is being made for Hallmark, Lifetime, or UP, however, is still uncertain!?!?
Alicia Witt has starred in two Hallmark Channel Christmas movies: A Very Merry Mix Up and Christmas At Cartwright’s and one Lifetime Christmas movie A Snowglobe Christmas.
Here's another pic of Alicia Witt and her dog, Ernest:
via Twitter:
It looks like the name of the movie, according to this tweet, is titled: 'The Honesty Trip'. Look closely again and you will see a little Christmas Tree emoji at the end of the tweet.

If you all hear anything on this movie, please leave a comment!


  1. Love it! A Very Merry Mixup is a favorite!

    1. Yeah, it's a great one! So funny!!! You never know what to expect next. Guess that's why I like it!

  2. Ohhhhhhh, I love the idea of her doing another Christmas movie. She was wonderful in "A Very Merry Mix Up", my favorite!! So glad she joined the Hallmark family!! Great investigative work, Net!!!

    1. All thanks on this one goes to the Anonymous commenter who shared this news! The link to their original comment is in the first sentence above. ^

      I'm with you, Linda... it's good to see Alicia back for another Christmas movie!!! She's a delight to watch! Hopefully, it's Hallmark!

      And, I am so grateful to everyone who shares all these great tips!!! :)

    2. I'm happy to have 'broken the news,' Net!! :-) Thank you for giving me credit. And it's my comment under that post on Facebook (shown above) that she replied to when she confirmed "IT IS" a Christmas movie. Dan Lauria of "The Wonder Years" appears to be playing Santa, from what I can see in a more recent post.

    3. Are you "Sherry in California"? I saw your comment! That's so cool you got the first response that "IT IS" a Christmas Movie. I just saw the pic with Dan Laurie- he makes a great Santa!

      From other comments Alicia made- it sounds like another thing she was doing fell through and this opportunity came up suddenly. I believe she used that well known quote "one door closes and another one opens..." in relation to this project.

      Anyway, thank you for sharing this scoop!!!!

    4. I don't know if it was that a project fell through, to be honest. One of Alicia's beloved dogs fell ill and passed away. She may have had to cancel a project to be with her in her final days. I'm not even sure there was a project, but I know that her sweet dog passed on and then soon after she was filming a movie in Utah.

      Yes, I'm Sherry In California! And, you know, someone on a website I am involved with (I moderate it and lead Christmas discussions) just clued me in to something I didn't know. Mayim Bialik (of "The Big Bang Theory" and Ryan McPartlin (from Hallmark's "Chance At Romance") just filmed a TV movie -- and it is some sort of holiday movie!!! The filming has wrapped, but Mayim posted a lot of photos on her Instagram account -- there is fake snow in the background of one or two photos, and there is a Christmas tree and some holiday garland in the background of another photo. I have absolutely no clue who this movie would be for -- again, it could be Lifetime, Hallmark, Ion, ABC Family, UP, etc., but maybe you can dig around and find out more. Mayim posted a lot of photos with people from the set -- some of whom were actors and some of whom were part of the crew.

    5. It's so good to meet you Sherry! I'm glad to have you here - so we can chat about Christmas movies!

      It is sad to hear Alicia lost her dog. I hadn't heard that. I appreciate you sharing that. So sad. Our pets truly become our family.

      That is also an interesting tidbit about Mayim Bialik filming a Christmas movie! Thank you, Sherry, for sharing this Christmas movie news! I'll definitely have to look for it!

    6. Net -- Thank you!

      It appears (from all the 'clues' on Instagram) that the Ryan McPartlin/Mayim Bialik movie is called "Accidental Trip" (for right now -- you know how these titles can change). There are a lot of other people in the movie, but I don't recognize the names (such as Trilby Glover).

      Mayim posted something about it being a "winter movie." As I mentioned in a previous comment, you can see some Christmas decorations in the background of a couple of photos.

      I get the impression that part of the movie takes place on an airplane or in an airport, based on more 'clues' in the photos. I would suspect that this will not be a Hallmark movie, but it could end up on Lifetime, ABC Family or Ion. That's my hunch, but I really have no idea.

  3. I love "A Very Merry Mix UP" it's my favorite - bought the DVD as soon as it was available. Just watched it the other night. It's HOT here in
    FL and snow movies are great!!!
    When will her other movies be available?

  4. I wish that you could find a channel to show this classic Christmas movie that Earl Hamner Jr wrote. You can tell it by the Walton touch it has it starred Angela Landsbuy,Lee Remick,Polly Holiday,Joseph Warren, and it's title is "The Gift of Love". It premiered December 20,1983 and was never shown again on television again but if you are ever lucky enough to find it you quickly see why to me it's truly a holiday classic favorite of mine.

  5. I wish that you could find a channel to show this classic Christmas movie that Earl Hamner Jr wrote. You can tell it by the Walton touch it has it starred Angela Landsbuy,Lee Remick,Polly Holiday,Joseph Warren, and it's title is "The Gift of Love". It premiered December 20,1983 and was never shown again on television again but if you are ever lucky enough to find it you quickly see why to me it's truly a holiday classic favorite of mine.

    1. I have heard of this special, but I have never seen it. Would be great if they made it more available or showed it on TV!

  6. Hi, Anonymous, "The Gift Of Love" is a lovely story. I own the DVD but have never seen it on TV. If you'd like to purchase it you can go to right here on Net's website. It sells for $12.75 and so worth it!!

    1. Oh, thank you for sharing that info, Linda! You are always so thoughtful and helpful!

      Here's a direct link to the DVD, "Gift of Love", for the Anonymous commenter above.

  7. Sherry in CaliforniaWednesday, August 19, 2015

    Net -- I found out that the little girl in this new Alicia Witt/George Stults "Honesty Trip" movie is Mia Bagley. According to IMDB, Mia has done one movie in the past -- a Christmas movie, but not for Hallmark, I don't think.

    It appears that Alicia and Mia were filming an ice skating rink scene within the last couple of days. I wish we knew for sure where this movie was going to end up!

    Also, I think that Alicia's character's name is "Holly" (which is typical for TV Christmas movie characters), based on a photo of Alicia's chair that George Stults posted on Instagram.

    Something tells me that if it IS a Hallmark movie, it might get a title change. "The Honesty Trip" does not sound like one of Hallmark's typical titles, nor does it even imply "Christmas." If it's a movie for Lifetime or ABC Family, they might stick with the title.

  8. Sherry in CaliforniaFriday, September 04, 2015

    It appears that Alicia has finally finished shooting the Christmas movie. I looked up the director (she posted a photo that he was in on her Facebook page) on IMDB, and he has made other TV movies -- it appears that he has done at least a couple of them for the UP channel, and at least one for Ion, and it looked like at least one for Lifetime as well. I didn't look too deep into his credits, but I didn't notice any Hallmark movies among them.

    So... this brings us back to the mystery of which channel this movie is for! Alicia has not yet done anything for Ion or Up, so maybe this will be a first? Or, it could be Lifetime.

    I tend to favor the Hallmark movies over anything that airs on Lifetime, Up or Ion, BUT I give most of them a chance. I will record them. If Alicia is in the movie I will make a point of watching it!

  9. Sherry in CaliforniaSaturday, September 05, 2015

    Okay, I found some unofficial, unconfirmed info as to which network this "Honesty Trip" movie is for -- and if it is correct, it would support my suspicion that this is not a Hallmark movie.

    On the website reddit, I found a Salt Lake City page. Right now there are only 3 comments and a question on the page I found, with the most recent ones being from 20 days ago (today is 9/5/15).

    The original question asks what is being filmed in Salt Lake City, with fake snow and extras in winter clothing. The second response/comment says: "it's a 'lifetime movie' called the honesty trip. i was one of those wintery dressed guys - and they took great care of us!"

    So... assuming that the information from the extra in winter attire is correct, there you have it. "The Honesty Trip" (or whatever it might ultimately end up being called) is a Lifetime movie.

    So, does that mean that Lifetime has two "Trip" movies this year? "Accidental Trip" and "The Honesty Trip"? Lol.

    Well, hopefully this year's Lifetime movies are a better assortment than last year's. I have to admit that I am kind of disappointed that Hallmark did not snap Alicia up for any movies at all this year -- not a wedding movie; not a Valentine's Day movie; not a Fall/Halloween movie... nothing. She is filming something else now -- and I think it's a theatrical movie -- so there won't be any time to jump into the Hallmark Christmas movie pool before the end of the year.


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