Friday, September 5, 2014

"The Christmas Parade", a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie


Christmas Parade

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 14, 2014


AnnaLynne McCord ... Hayley Temple
Jefferson Brown ... Logan
Drew Scott ... Jason
Jennifer Gibson ... Monica Wilson
Frank Moore ... Judge Joe Morris
Brian Mifsud ... Roy
Michael Hanrahan ... Mayor Richard Braverman


via Chesler/Perlmutter Productions:

Hayley Temple (AnnaLynne McCord), the famous talk show host, is preparing for the holiday season by working; she's planning her very important TV show, her Christmas special. Already a scrooge, Hayley is even more miserable when she finds out her real-estate fiancée Jason (Drew Scott) is cheating on her - on air. To clear her head, she goes on a drive and ends up in Carver Bend, Connecticut, unfortunately crashing through a local judge's fence. Forced to do community service, she helps out her rescuer Logan (Jefferson Brown), by building a float for the town's annual Christmas parade to help save the town's art centre. While Hayley bonds with the locals, the art centre kids, and grows closer to Logan, she re-learns why the holidays are important to spend with loved ones, and she re-discovers the spirit of Christmas.

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  1. It sounds like Finding Normal. I'm kind of disappointed.

    1. Yeah, it sounds a lot like Finding Normal. I like that one. Maybe I'll like this one too!

    2. Finding Normal? Maybe. More like the writer totally ripped of Doc Hollywood to me. Crashed a fence....Can't pay for a persons time...... gets railroaded by a country judge to saty and do a lot of community service. Jeez!!

  2. I sure would love to see a period Christmas movie made by Hallmark; all these movies coming out seem so much the same!

  3. This sounds cute to me! I like Property Brothers so it's cool to see Drew Scott in this one! Didn't know he acted too. Guess he plays the cheating boyfriend. :(

  4. I love the Property Brothers, but he plays the cheating boyfriend. Yuck. :( LOL


  5. I love AnnaLynne McCord. I can't wait to see this one.

  6. Nice film. It's weird in the credits, Annalynne's character's last name is "Temple" but in the movie, her last name is "Anderson." What's up with that?

  7. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 03, 2015

    You know, I was just thinking about this movie the other day. It's not one of my favorites -- mainly, I think, because I felt that the two actors had absolutely no chemistry, and I really just could not envision them together as a couple. A different set of Hallmark actors might have sold it a little bit better.

    AnnaLynne is a beautiful girl -- no doubt about that -- but she is almost too much of a bombshell, I think. I saw a lot of negative comments about her on Hallmark's Facebook page last year, and it seemed that the viewers did not take to her at all. I think she wasn't relatable or accessible enough, to be honest. Most of the Hallmark actresses have a certain sweet, down to earth, almost girl-next-door appeal in addition to being attractive.

    AnnaLynne did a fine job at playing the type of glamorous, high maintenance character she was supposed to play, but I didn't find the romance believable and I just don't think that this was a good movie to introduce her to the Hallmark family.

    What I wonder is, if Hallmark wanted a blonde bombshell type to play the reporter, why they didn't go for someone already in the family, who the viewers already know and like -- Brooke Burns. Brooke could have easily pulled off the glamorous, difficult, high maintenance reporter -- both in terms of her acting ability and her beauty -- and she is already well-known by viewers of Hallmark. I have a feeling the movie would have been much more successful with 2 different leads.


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