Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cameron Mathison and Sarah Lancaster star in "Along Came a Nanny"


Along Came a Nanny

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: October 12, 2014


Cameron Mathison ... Mike Logan
Sarah Lancaster ... Jessie
Valin Shinyei ...
Marcie Juiles ...
Tom McBeath ... Police Captain Frank Milano


As a series of burglaries plague an upscale, gated community, handsome detective Mike Logan (Mathison) goes undercover as a nanny, infiltrating the neighborhood and investigating the crimes. When the Bannermans, a high maintenance family in need of domestic assistance, hire Mike as their nanny, he forms an unlikely bond with the Bannerman children (Shinyei and Juiles) and develops a crush on Jessie (Lancaster), a beautiful nanny who works nearby. Struggling in his new role, an overwhelmed Mike soon falls out of favor with the children, who sense they’re in less than capable hands. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Police Captain Frank Milano (McBeath) grows frustrated with Mike for making little headway in solving the high profile case. Amid a scandalous mayoral election and a growing list of local crime suspects, Mike must race to bring the criminals to justice, while trying to win back the affection of the Bannerman children and the heart of fellow nanny Jessie.

“Along Came a Nanny” is a Man Road Production. Barbara Fisher and Michael M. Scott are executive producers. Harvey Kahn is the producer. Michael M. Scott directed from a script by Gary Goldstein.

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  1. This looks GOOD! Wish I had the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

    1. Hi Rachel--Sorry, but don't wish for the Hallmark Channels--ALL you will be getting is about 80 to 90% of old TV sitcoms on both their channels and only the occasional wonderful movies they are so capable of showing, but rarely do!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I have missed many great movies because I don't have the Hallmark Movie Channel. They also play Hallmark movies during the week, too. I would still love to have this channel. I have many stations now that don't play half the stuff that I like. At least with Hallmark Movies and Mysteries I would get to see these new movies and the new Christmas ones, too. Sorry, but it still sounds good to me.

    3. I would have to agree with Rachel. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries plays Hallmark movies through the week and dramas on the weekend while the Hallmark Channel plays movies on the weekend. They balance each other. Plus, Rachel mentioned the new movies & Christmas movies... HMM will be airing many Christmas movies at Christmastime -old and new. I, too, wish I had Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on my DirecTV.

  2. Sounds interesting... I don't think there's been a Hallmark movie out with Cameron Mathison in it that I didn't like. In the ones I've seen he's always been such a gentleman! :)

    1. Oh, that's sweet. I agree.... He seems to bring an air of lightheartedness to his role whatever he is playing! Cameron is a joy to watch! :)

  3. Thanks for the update! I am glad Comcast carries it.


    1. I am so glad for you Misty and other Comcast customers!

  4. I feel the only reason I went to Comcast from AT&T was the fact AT&T does not have Hallmark or UP Entertaining. Those two are the ones I watch daily. Wonderful family shows.

  5. Finally watched Along Came A Nanny, and I really liked it. Cameron and Sarah had wonderful chemistry. Net, do you know if this will be a series of movies, with Cameron's character?


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