Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wecome Home! INSP is BACK on DirecTV!

INSP's tagline is "Welcome Home" and that is appropriate as we welcome INSP back into our homes!

INSP has sent out a newsletter to let their viewers know they are back on DirecTV Channel 364! I am super excited to receive and share this exciting news with all my fellow DirecTV watchers! We will, once again, have this wonderful channel that gives us wholesome Family TV Series and Movies!

image via: INSP newsletter / press release

INSP shares in their newsletter and on their web-site: "A big “Thank You” to all our faithful viewers who have shown us such remarkable support during these past few months. We appreciate you! We invite you back home to INSP to enjoy our great lineup of family-friendly, wholesome, entertaining, values-based, “lunge-free” TV programs. Millions of Americans have come to trust INSP to deliver just that and that is our commitment to you! And spread the word! INSP is back on!"

Congratulations INSP! Welcome back to our homes!


  1. Welcome Back INSP!!!

    70 days ABC Family 13 nights of Halloween and Disney Channel Monstober.
    101 days Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas.
    120 days ABC Family 25 days of Christmas.
    156 days until Christmas.

    1. I don't know when INSP will begin their Christmas Movies, but they usually have a wonderful line-up of family Christmas Movies during the Christmas Season! Last year they premiered The Christmas Lodge for the first time on TV and hopefully this year - they'll premiere something new, too!

    2. The Christmas Box.
      It's a Wonderful Life.
      The Nativity Story.
      Christmas Tree.
      The Christmas Secret.
      The Man Who Saved Christmas.
      A Christmas Snow.
      The Christmas Lodge.
      The Waltons " A Children's Carol".
      Christmas with a Capital C.
      Secret of Giving.
      Christmas Cottage.

    3. Thank you anonymous for sharing that wonderful list of Christmas Movies that aired on INSP! I hope they air just as many good Christmas movies this upcoming season!

  2. I'm so glad!!! I missed this channel a lot!!

    1. Me too! Wonderful family shows and movies! I sure hope they show Seasons of Grey again since many of us DirecTV viewers missed it when it premiered.

  3. I second that! Welcome back to my home INSP. I don't know where you went or why you had to go. But I am glad your back hopefully to stay on my tv.

    1. Oh, that's so nice. I'm thrilled to have INSP back in my home, too!


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