Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hallmark Channel Movie "Perfect on Paper" starring Lindsay Hartley and Morgan Fairchild


Perfect on Paper

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: September 20, 2014


Morgan Fairchild ... Beverly Wilcox
Lindsay Hartley ... Natalie Holland
Drew Fuller ... Coop
Haley Strode ... Avery Goldstein
Bryce Clyde Jenkins ... Elijah
Kieren Hutchison ... Bob


An idealistic, young book editor reluctantly moves to Los Angeles to edit a famous author's latest romance novel. As she struggles to maintain her integrity while battling the bestselling diva's demands, she meets two very different men and learns that the best romantic choice is not always the one who looks "perfect on paper."

Movie Review:

Sometimes you have to read between the lines to find true love.

Perfect on Paper is the ideal story of “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

A new chapter is written in Natalie Holland’s life when she sets out to Los Angeles to edit a book by romance novelist Beverly Wilcox. After being dumped by another loser, she is determined to only date guys who have a steady career, financial portfolio, and future… basically only guys who look “perfect on paper”.

In L.A., Natalie meets two different men… Bob Lewis, who flaunts his wealthy lifestyle and the other, Coop, who appears to be of humble means. It is easy to see that Natalie likes Coop, but with her new plan in place, she is careful not to cross that line.
Circumstances will continually pull Natalie and Coop together, but will she realize her true feelings -before it’s too late? Will Coop believe Natalie is interested in him for the right reasons, and not his bank account?

I won’t give it away… but it is a sweet love story that has a nice Hallmark ending!

See or Skip:

See! It's not only a cute movie, but it also has a great message.



  1. Cute Movie. Will watch it more than once.

  2. Loved the movie !! And REALLY loved Cooper (Drew )--So handsome and great performance as the "good guy".

  3. Another entertaining, well cast and enjoyable Hallmark movie.

  4. Lovely movie! I'm watching it for a 2nd time...


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