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Hallmark Channel Movie "For Better or For Worse" starring Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields from "Facts of Life"

For Better or For Worse
by Diann Hunt


For Better or For Worse

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: July 19, 2014

This movie is based on the bestselling novel For Better or For Worse written by Author, Diann Hunt. (please see more on Diann Hunt below.)


Lisa Whelchel ... Wendy
Kim Fields ... Roseanne
Antonio Cupo ... Marco
Jovanna Huguet ... Candice Jones
Hilary Jardine ... Emily
Alison Wandzura ... Vanessa
Eddie Ruttle ... Collin
Rose Ranger ... Flower Shop Customer
Patrick Keating ... Cliff
Dustin Lloyd ... Robert


via Hallmark Press Release:

A heartwarming romantic comedy about a woman who learns that perhaps there is such a thing as second chances when facing the pleasures and pains of love.

Wendy (Whelchel) is finally starting to settle into the single life after struggling with the death of her husband. After a difficult season of grief, she's taken over the family business of coordinating the town's most beautiful and memorable weddings with the help of her friend and co-worker Roseanne (Fields). However, when the charming and incredibly irritating Marco (Cupo) opens a legal practice that specializes in divorces right next to her wedding chapel, Wendy is going to make sure that she stops at nothing to promote her business and the sanctity of marriage. Along the way, Wendy learns that self-discovery and moving on are the ways to finding true happiness.

Movie Review:


On the Author, Diann Hunt:

I am sad to share that author, Diann Hunt, passed away on November 29, 2013, following a long battle with cancer. She was 58. Diann left behind a beautiful family, her husband, two children, seven grandchildren, and dear friends, to whom we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers. Diann had written 25 faith-filled books. Her writings have certainly touched my life and the lives of many of her readers.

This is how Diann Hunt is described in the dust jacket, of many of her books... "Diann Hunt wrote romantic comedy and humorous women's fiction targeted to Christian women of the Baby Boomer generation. She'd lived in Indiana forever, had been happily married forever, loved her family, chocolate, her friends, her dog, and, well, chocolate."

I know many of her fans are excited to see her work developed for this Hallmark Movie.

Please let me know in the comments below, if you have read any of Diann Hunt's books. I absolutely loved the "Smitten" Book Series, in which see had written one of the four Novellas in each book, along with writers and friends, Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter, and Kristin Billerbeck.

Actresses Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields:

"For Better or For Worse" stars actresses Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields, who both starred in the popular 1980's sitcom, "Facts of Life", where teenage girls, Blair (Lisa Whelchel), Jo, Natalie, and Tootie (Kim Fields) lived at a boarding school under the watchful eye of Mrs. Garret.

Facts of Life - Flashback Pics:

Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields

See or Skip:




  1. I grew up watching Facts of Life. Never missed it throughout my teen years. I am looking forward to seeing Blair & Tootie in this together again.

  2. I have read some of Diann Hunt's books. So sorry to hear of her passing.

  3. Diann was a funny writer and I laughed out loud while reading many of her stories. I am sad that we won't have any more of her wonderful books.

    I will look forward to seeing Diann's For Better or For Worse on the Hallmark Channel. I haven't read that one, yet, but I think I might just have to look into it.

  4. Thanks for the update! I know Kim Fields recently had another baby not that long ago. It will be great to see them on a tv movie together.


  5. I have read Diann's books. I enjoyed her writing. So sorry to hear of her passing. I knew she wasn't well. I also watched FACTS of LIFE. Enjoyed it very much. Will be anxiously waiting for this movie. It should be really good. Marianne

  6. Hi Net,
    I am really looking forward to seeing Lisa Whelchel & Kim Fields together, again, in this movie. I have always loved The Facts of LIfe, and watched it all the time. All the actors were great, and did a wonderful job. I, also, have DVD'S of some of the shows.
    Thank you so much for letting us know about the movie, and for all of your hard work, keeping us updated on what's coming on.

  7. For Better or For Worse premieres on Saturday, July 19 (9pm ET/PT, 8C)

    1. I appreciate your comments, Jennifer. I had these updates on my "to do" list. The time has been now updated to July 19th, the day before the Cedar Cove Season 2 premiere.

  8. This sounds interesting. Ever since Lisa was on Survivor I don't know what to expect from her next. She is definitely not Blair.

  9. I've Always Loved Deann Hunts Books I've Got For Better Or Worse I'm Looking Forward To The Movie.

  10. Really looking forward to this movie. I like Antonio Cupo, in fact I have watched most of his movies 2 or 3 times. Net: Keep up the good work,
    like your website. Cami

  11. For Better or For Worse was a wonderful movie, Lisa and Antonio had great chemistry and I loved seeing Lisa and Kim onscreen together again. I was a Facts of Life fan. I hope this is the beginning of many Hallmark movies that features Lisa.

  12. Net,

    I didn't watch the movie, but I saw this article about the author's friends and family held a viewing party. Very touching.



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