Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Movie: Step Dogs


Step Dogs

Network: Disney XD

Original Air Date: February 3, 2014


Dylan Schmid ... Josh
Eliana Jones ... Lacey
Joris Jarsky ... Terrance
Ryan Belleville ... Louie
Shannon Jardine ... Krystal
Emilie Ullerup ... Sabrina
Ryland Alexander ... Sheriff Carson
Jeff Pangman ... Rick
Brittney Wilson ... Cassie


When a pampered Hollywood pooch is sent up North to live with a wise cracking farm-mutt, all leashes are off!

When a stuntman from the rural north marries a Hollywood movie star, it quickly becomes evident that their two kids will not get along, and neither will their respective dogs. Josh’s dog Meatball, is a scruffy farm mutt with a wisecracking wit, while Lacey’s dog Cassie is a prim, spoiled purse dog who is not into country living and takes every opportunity to point that out with her constant complaints.

With the parents away for their honeymoon, Cassie and Meatball must put their differences aside when they discover a pair of bumbling thieves plotting to steal Lacey’s mom’s prized diamond, which has been locked away in the house.

The crooks soon find their work cut out for them when the talking dogs team up to defend their home, engaging in a non-stop hilarious slap-stick battle. It’s “Home Alone” meets “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, in a new family comedy where all leashes are off!

Movie Review:

Step Dogs is a cute family comedy movie set at wintertime. In spite of the dogs talking, this is a film parents won't mind watching with their children.

The scenario is based on the Home Alone format. Two crooks are casing a house, wanting to break in and steal a diamond. The kids in the house, just so happen to be new Step-Siblings, Josh and Lacey, who are being watched by a friend of their parents, Krystal, while the newly married couple are on their honeymoon. The crooks have decided this is the best opportune time to break in, and while sometimes their antics are rather silly, I'm sure most kids will probably love it.

Josh and Lacey, are both realistic characters, as they are struggling with this life they have been thrown into, as a new family. Josh's dog is big country dog named Meatball, and Lacey's is a small pampered city dog, named Cassie. Meatball nicknames Cassie "Kitty Cat", which is cute, because she does almost look like a cat. It's fun to see this unlikely pair of dogs work together to catch the thiefs. Along the way, Josh and Lacey, learn more about each other, and come together, as true siblings do.

In the end, justice is served, but there are a lot of laughs, along the way!

See or Skip:

See... it's a fun family film.



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