Monday, April 1, 2013

GMC is changing their Name to...

I know many of you are big fans of the "GMC" network - epsecially since they play great family movies, old and new! And, they continue to show great family dramas: like Heartland and The Waltons! So... I wanted to be sure to give you a "heads up" on this upcoming change.

Coming September 1, 2013: "GMC", previously known as Gospel Musical Channel, will be renamed: "UP" and the network will have a new logo. This new name coincides with their network messaging and tagline: "Uplifting Entertainment".

UPDATE: Please Note- Since this post was written, GMC has moved up the changing of their name to June 1st, 2013!

Here is a statement from the CEO and President of GMC TV, Charles Humbard : "From the day we launched the network we have delivered on our unique brand promise to provide Uplifting Entertainment for viewers who want programming that supports their family values. UP is a fun, fresh name that embodies our unique brand position and further distinguishes us from the non family values programming so prevalent today."

*see more information on the GMC official web-site, here.

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  1. i guess I think it's more appropriate--losing the "music" part of the name, since I personally watch it for the movies and Heartland & Waltons :)
    And while I might have liked a more Christ-focused name, I realize "Up", being rather generic, will likely gain a greater audience. I'm just thankful for the wholesome entertainment--that channel is the reason we keep cable!

  2. I like UP. It's kind of catchy and reminds me of the disney movie which is good cuz they want the station to be for families.

  3. Are you foolin us on April 1st??? Really UP??? :)

    If not, then I think it is NOT a great idea. GMC has just recently become a well known station and now they want to change their name. I don't know if I would have done that.

    Hope it will work out for them since our family likes their station a lot.

  4. I Love the New Name for GMC. UP sounds so fun and I love that it goes with their Logo: UPlifting Entertainment! ;) :)

    GMC just did not fit the station anymore. I do hope they continue to show programs that have faith centered storylines like all of their great Christian movies. It is a wonderful network no maatter what they call it.

  5. I personally don't care what they name it, as long as they keep up the good family value movies and shows. My family have been avid watches since it was aired. We especially enjoy the Walton shows. We can relate to their hard times, with so many today in the same situation. Thanks UP, for your excellent TV programming!

  6. I like the name, but do not care for the logo. Very generic looking logo.


  7. I like the new name and like the logo...

    NOW... if we can just get them on regular cable channels without having a satellite/dish in order to see it - - that would be wonderful!!!

  8. My family loves GMC! We don't believe the new name is a good idea. It will confuse some new viewers that just learned of this wonderful station and are passing it on to their friends already GMC. :)


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