Friday, February 8, 2013

INSP Movie Premiere : "Heaven is Waiting"


Heaven Is Waiting

Also Known As:
Midway to Heaven

Network: INSP

Original Air Date: February 10, 2013


Curt Doussett ... Ned Stevens
Kirby Heyborne ... David
Michelle Money ... Carol Holly
Melanie Nelson ... Kate Stevens
Brittany Peltier ... Liz Stevens
Priscilla Poland ... Liz Look-alike
Taggart Hurtubise ... Scottie
Steve Anderson Jr. ... Leonard Nelson
Scott S. Anderson ... Harold Mitchell
Vicki Silva ... Harold's Wife
Bronwyn Hadlock ... Waitress
Loran Bingham ... Shopper
Adam Legas ... Carol's Cousin
Logan Rogan ... Jonah
Todd Michael Thompson ... David Look-Alike


It's been years since Ned's wife died---but he still cringes at the thought of dating. Besides, he has to look out for his college-age daughter. But when Liz comes home from school, she brings "good friend" David with her. If somebody else takes care of Liz, is Ned free to "court" his neighbor Carol?

From Christian Cinema:

A Romantic Comedy About Finding Love - Again.

Years after his wife Kate (Melanie Nelson) died, Ned Stevens (Curt Doussett) still hates the idea of dating. After all, why would he start dating again when he has his daughter Liz (Brittany Peltier to take care of? But when Liz brings a surprise home with her during a visit from college, Ned's world is turned upside down.

Can Ned accept that his little girl is falling for David (Kirby Heyborne), a practically perfect know-it-all who drives Ned crazy? As Ned tries to sabotage the relationship, Liz diverts his attention to Carol (Michelle Money) the beautiful single woman Ned sees jogging every morning.

With Liz and David's help, Ned will learn that with love, there are always second chances.

Please Note: According to other Movie Reviews, Ned’s deceased wife, Kate, appears to him as a ghost-like figure several times. Only he is able to see and hear her. Kate even helps in guiding him to get on with his life and talks about reuniting with him in heaven.

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  1. I absolutely loved this movie! I watched it last Monday for Family Home Evening and it was so sweet. My kids loved it too, which was quite impressive!
    Ruth James |

  2. I haven't seen this movie yet but I have heard it's really good! My friends watched it one night when I had to work. They were all raving about it afterwards so now I really want to see it.
    Shelly Slader |


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