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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classic Christmas Movie - Bachelor Mother

As part of TCM's "Summer under the Stars" event- each day in August they are honoring a different actor or actress by playing their movies all day! Ginger Rogers has been selected for August 12th, 2012 and as part of a special Blogathon by the web-sites, "ScribeHard on Film" and "Sittin on a Backyard Fence", to promote these films, I am featuring a Movie Review & Trailer (below) for the Ginger Rogers Christmas Movie, Bachelor Mother.

See Bachelor Mother:
Sunday, August 12, 2012 @ 01:00 PM on TCM


Bachelor Mother

Network: TCM

Original Air Date: 1939


Ginger Rogers ... Polly Parrish
David Niven ... David Merlin
Charles Coburn ... J.B. Merlin
Frank Albertson ... Freddie Miller
E.E. Clive ... Butler
Elbert Coplen Jr. ... Johnnie
Ferike Boros ... Mrs. Weiss
Ernest Truex ... Investigator
Leonard Penn ... Jerome Weiss
Paul Stanton ... Hargraves
Frank M. Thomas ... Doctor
Edna Holland ... Matron
Dennie Moore ... Mary
June Wilkins ... Louise King
Donald Duck ... Himself


Unemployed Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers) impulsively picks up a baby left at orphanage doors at Christmas. Everyone assumes the founding is hers, including Polly's playboy ex-boss (David Niven), who offers her a job if she'll live up to her maternal duties. A paycheck would be handy, so Polly complies. Then the boss's tycoon dad (Charles Coburn) assumes the infant is his secret grandson. . . and things really spin out of control. Buoyed by Rogers' irresistibly endearing performance, Bachelor Mother is one of those rarities: a brilliantly cast comedy where everything - plot, pacing and dialogue (thanks to Garson Kanin's savvy direction and Norman Krasna's witty script) - is exactly, hilariously right.

Movie Review:

Clever and quick... with a whole lot of wit and charm!

When the Christmas Season is over, Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers), a clerk at Merlin's Department Store, looses her job when they no longer need extra Holiday help. Upon her way home, she discovers a baby left abandoned outside an orphanage home – but no one seems to believe her when she tells them he is not her own.

It’s a case of mistaken identity in this fast paced comedy which also stars ever popular star, David Niven, as David Merlin, Polly’s boss at Merlin's department store. David gets the idea that Polly has abandoned the baby since she lost her job at his store, so he does everything he can to re-store her to her position and re-unite Polly with the baby. In the meantime, David’s father, J.B. Merlin is under the impression that the baby belongs to not only Polly, but also his son, so he does everything in his power to try and bring them together, as well.

One of the best scenes – is a New Years party where Polly pretends she cannot speak English the entire evening and she dances the night away – with various gentlemen making one of the women there very jealous. Upon leaving, Polly and David meet that woman alone at the door, she makes a snide remark about Polly, and Polly, by this time has had enough- she finally remarks back to her in perfect English. I loved it! And, it’s also great when David and Polly go out in the street just before midnight on New Years Eve, they get separated amongst an enormous celebrating crowd... but finally find each other again at midnight and kiss! Perfectly Sweet and with a Sweet Ending, too!

See or Skip:

See! It's a Great Christmas Classic!

Movie Trailer:

*Bachelor Mother is Available on DVD.


Bachelor Mother was re-made by Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher in a 1956 movie titled : Bundle of Joy! This is also a great romantic comedy. In this version, there is singing and Christmas, in general, is shown a lot more. New Years Eve is also celebrated. Another great Christmas classic!

*Bundle of Joy is Available on DVD.

*See additional air times for "Bachelor Mother" on TCM's Overview page:

*Bachelor Mother - Available on DVD.
*Bundle of Joy - Available on DVD.



  1. Wasn't there a remake of this with Debbie Reynolds? I've seen the one with Debbie but I can't remember the man who played opposite her, nor the name of the movie.

  2. Thank you for the reminder. Yes, there certainly was a movie re-make of Bachelor Mother with Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. That movie was called: Bundle of Joy.

    I updated the posting above and including a picture of Bundle of Joy. This version is also a very cute and fun movie!

  3. I love TCM and old Movies! Thank you for highlighting this film. I'll be sure to watch it now. By the way, great pics! Yours are better than most of the ones I've already seen on-line for this movie. I've seen Bundle of Joy - really good! I'm a big fan of Debbie Reynolds and Ginger Rogers!

  4. I agree with the other person, the pictures you included in this posting are very good. I will watch be sure to watch this movie, too. I'm surprised I have yet to see it. I love Ginger Rogers and I also love David Niven, so I'm expecting true greatness!


  5. I hope you all like Bachelor Mother and the entire movie tribute to Ginger Roger on TCM! Enjoy!

  6. I like this movie a lot. Only Stanwyck at the time rivaled Rogers' ability to play working-class women, and wise-cracking ones at that. The plot's a little formulaic, but it is fun, and while Rogers isn't the only good thing about it - I also like Jack Albertson ("This Christmas or last Christmas?") and the always great Charles Coburn ("I don't care who the father is, I'm the grandfather!") - but Rogers is the one who makes it work.

  7. Great review of the movie...I caught the end of it yesterday. Want to watch it in full now for sure!


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