Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scents and Sensibility


Scents and Sensibility

Network: Lifetime, LMN

Rated: PG

Original Air Date: June 22, 2012

*Based on Jane Austen's Novel: Sense and Sensibility
*This Movie is Available on DVD


Ashley Williams ... Elinor Dashwood
Marla Sokoloff ... Marianne Dashwood
Nick Zano ... Brandon
Danielle Chuchran ... Margarett Dashwood
Brad Johnson ... Edward Farris
Brandi Lynn Anderson ... Krystal
Jaclyn Hales ... Lucy Steele
Kari Hawker ... Reporter
Sean Bott ... Richmond
Jason Celaya ... John Willoughby
Paul D. Hunt ... Dylan
JJ Neward ... Fran
K. Danor Gerald ... HR Person
Dee Macaluso ... Mrs. Jennings
Lauren Faber ... Young Customer


After their father is charged with swindling investors, Elinor (Ashley Williams) and Marianne Dashwood (Marla Sokoloff) must make their own way in life and love. They struggle to find jobs where being a Dashwood isn’t a strike against them. While Elinor finds work as a janitor at a spa, Marianne works at a cafe.

Their struggle to make ends meet–especially so they can help their mother pay for a critical medicine for their younger sister–is lightened by Marianne’s hobby of making scented lotions. One lotion heals aches and pains, which they sell to supplement their resources.

But others want the scented lotion formula, which could be worth a fortune. While Elinor and Marianne try to find love and acceptance, their trust is tested by those scheming to steal the formula. Can they come to a balance of relying on their hearts and sense without losing it all?

Movie Review:

This movie was loosely based upon Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I am a fan of Jane Austen and love all of her novels and most of the movie adaptations. This is a modern day tale of “S&S” ... and they do change a bit of the content and details of characters – but much of the basics are still there. It is a little cheesy, at times, but still a delightfully fun romantic comedy!

The two main characters – who are sisters, are named Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. In the beginning their father is convicted of fraud and sent to prison – which differs from Jane Austen’s version, in which he has passed on and has left his wife and daughters, without a home. Various differences develop from there on – but the root of the story remains the same. Elinor is strong and hardworking. Marianne seems more carefree and a bit, selfish, at times. They are both, however, devoted to their family and concerned over financially supporting their mother and younger sister.


While working hard, Elinor becomes involved with Edward Farris, who just happens to be the brother of Fran, her evil boss. Fran cohorts with another employee, Lucy Steele, against Elinor and Edward. Their scheme of stealing becomes so convincing to Elinor that she begins to doubt Edwards feelings and motivations towards her. She believes now he was only using her for financial gain.

Marianne, in the meantime, is dealing with a two-timing cheating boyfriend, John Willoughby, and falling for a new guy, Brandon, at work.

It’s a sweet movie for family movie night, a perfect chic-flick, or date – movie.

Be sure also to watch the credits at the end very carefully – we were laughing hysterically!

If you love the original, then relax, sit back, and enjoy this modern day romantic tale.

See or Skip:


*This Movie is Available on DVD



  1. This one looks adorable if not a bit sappy. :-)

  2. While I appreciate your alerts and love the movies you post, I received this email today, July
    22nd, the day After the Movie aired. Could you please make sure that your posts go out before the movies air date? I just want to be able to see them!:) Thank you so much!


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