Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michael Landon INSP T.V. Tribute

Michael Landon Tribute

Saturday June 23, 2012

Program Lineup
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6pm Little House on the Prairie
Episode: 100 Mile Walk-
When a hailstorm leaves the Ingalls family's crops in ruin, Charles and some neighbors work in a dangerous railroad blasting job. Meanwhile, Caroline rounds up the farmers' wives to salvage what's left of the crops while trying to remain optimistic in the face of the trial.

7pm Little House on the Prairie
Episode: Money Crop-
A young farmer and his expectant wife , convince Charles and others to plant a special breed of corn as a money crop. All give the farmer their money to purchase seed in Minneapolis. When he fails to return, the desperate farmers turn on Charles and the young wife. Charles frantically looks to find answers.

8pm Little House on the Prairie
Episode: Founder's Day-
When Walnut Grove's Founders Day celebration comes around, the entire town is looking forward to all the games and activities. However, as the day wears on, the citizens of the town are about to see how competitive Charles and an aging stranger can be.

9pm Little House on the Prairie
Episode: Going Home-
Overwhelmed by the random destruction left in the wake of a devastating tornado, a weary Charles Ingalls convinces himself to give up trying to make a life for his family on the prairie, puts the farm up for sale and prepares to move back to the big woods where he was born.

10pm Bonanza
Episode: The Abduction-
Little Joe and Hoss spend an unforgettable evening at the carnival when Little Joe's date, pretty Jennifer Beale, disappears. The carnival owner has an eye for pretty girls and Jennifer is intrigued by him. She soon learns that the attraction could prove fatal.

11pm Bonanza
Episode: Silent Thunder-
Guest Star Stella Stevens- Angry with the way a beautiful deaf girl is treated by her father, Little Joe takes it upon himself to teach her sign language so they can communicate better. His plan backfires when the young woman falls in love with him and the girl's jealous neighbor resents her spending her time with youngest Cartwright.

12am Highway to Heaven
Episode: To Touch the Moon-
By bringing together a juvenile delinquent and a child prodigy with leukemia, Jonathan shows that a little love can go a long way toward easing the pain of death.

1am Highway to Heaven
Episode: In with the “In” Crowd-
Jonathan and Mark pose as counselors to see if they can find who is bringing cocaine to school and bust a drug ring.

Promo Video:
(please note: the tribute will air on June 23, 2012)


What a wonderful actor Michael Landon was! It is so special that INSP is doing this tribute to him. When I think of Michael Landon, I immediately see him as Charles Ingalls and laughing that enormously rich laugh that made everyone around him laugh, too! He left a wonderful legacy of television shows that continue to bring joy and laughter to generation after generation... On this week after Fathers Day, I hope you and your family enjoy this tribute to one of televisions most wonderful fathers.

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