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Undercover Bridesmaid - Hallmark Channel Movie



Undercover Bridesmaid

A.K.A.: Bulletproof Bride

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: April 15, 2012

*This is the first movie on the Hallmark Channel to start their debut move from Saturday Night - to Sunday Night Movie Premieres! See Trailer below!


Brooke Burns ... Tanya
Nicole Paggi ... Daisy
Justin Baldoni ... Jake
Gregory Harrison ... Mr. Thompson
Martha Madison ... Sally
Nadege Auguste ... Kimmy
Shashawnee Hall ... Henry
Jamison Jones ... Kevin
Jay Kenneth Johnson ... Chip
Kayla Mae Maloney ... Betsy
David Thomas Jenkins ... Robbie
Jon Paul Burkhart ... Barista Bob
Dan Horton ... Cowboy Eric
Terry Maratos ... Carlo
Ajay Mehta ... Ogul-Turkish Consul


Undercover Bridesmaid is the story about a highly-trained security guard Tanya who has lost her zest for romance after being jilted at the altar. Tanya takes an assignment posing as a bridgesmaid for a woman who has been receiving death threats before her wedding day. While undercover, Tanya unexpectedly falls for Jake, an attractive groomsman, and becomes great friends with the bride-to-be. Not only does Tayna end up solving the mystery, but she is able to move past old hurts and take a second chance on love.

another plot description:

An agent, who was once jilted at the alter goes undercover to protect a mogul's daughter, a bride-to-be, from death threats. But the agent soon finds herself embroiled with the groom's questionable, yet charming best friend, and unable to separate her bitter feelings from her past to survive this assignment. Between the aunt who is depleting the family scholarship fund, the playboy cousin with an inheritance at stake, and a very angry business partner, almost every wedding attendee is a legitimate suspect.


Movie Review:

This is the perfect Who-Done-It Mystery wrapped nicely into a Romantic Comedy!

The movie stars Brooke Burns, who many of us know from the Christmas movie, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Brooke portrays Tanya, an undercover highly-trained bodyguard for the young bride, Daisy, of a wealthy man, Jim Thompson, a Texas mogul. To keep her reason for being there a secret, Tanya must become one of Daisy’s bridesmaids. Since Tanya was jilted at her own wedding, she is not keen on the idea of being a part of this one, but fills compelled to keep Daisy safe and suspects everyone as being someone who wishes to do her harm.

Tanya does her best to be professional at all times, but finds it increasingly difficult while becoming friends with Daisy, the perky, innocently excited bride – who she begins to think of, as a protective big sister. Tanya does her best not to drop her guard, but best intentions don’t always succeed.

While watching over Daisy and participating in all the wedding activities, Tanya finds herself falling for Jake, one of the groomsmen and a potential suspect.

Will she find love and solve the crime, too... of course – it’s a Hallmark Movie!!!

See or Skip:


Movie includes gun-shooting, action, love, suspense, comedy, and an exploding cake! I thought it was a fun romantic comedy – probably best suits tweens and up!



  1. Just thought you might want to add this, but... Martha Madison, Jay Kenneth Johnson, and Justin Baldoni are all in this movie.

  2. Nicole Paggi is also cast in the film!

  3. SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER excited for this movie! I love Brooke Burns and silly love stories! It's gonna be great!!!

  4. great movie would watch again.. Jake.. Justin Baldoni great looking actor want to see more of him in other movies...

  5. started off good, then this movie went way south for me. This woman is supposed to be an elite body guard and totally blows it when she is distracted by a good looking man. I don't like to see women being portrayed as incompetent fools. Her client almost gets killed & she gets fired. Can we write cutesy romantic stories without making females appear unprofessional & boy crazy?

  6. I had trouble believing Brooke Burns was in the same age group as the others. It seemed as if the male's had just graduated college? I love Brooke Burns, but to me she didn't make sense with a guy that young. Maybe because I see her as a mature actress, I don't know how to explain it. But that just threw me off.


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