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Monday, January 3, 2011

Three Weeks, Three Kids - Hallmark Channel Original Movie


Three Weeks, Three Kids

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 7, 2011


Anna Chlumsky ... Jennifer Mills
Warren Christie ... Will
Chelah Horsdal ... Mandy
Tiera Skovbye ... Alice
Sydney Stamler ... Flo
Jakob Davies ... Miles
Susan Hogan ... Kathryn
Kevin McNulty ... Russell


A free-spirited young woman must come to terms with her fear of settling down when she agrees to watch her sister’s kids for three weeks. She finds out how much hard work goes into raising a family, but with a little encouragement from the handsome new neighbor and her own mother, she realizes the pay off is worth every struggle.

Twenty-five-year-old Jennifer Mills (Chlumsky) lives her life without commitments—she rides a bright red Vespa, she makes her own hours at work, and is confident and relieved her boyfriend isn’t even close to putting a ring on her finger. Not at all like her older sister, Mandy (Horsdal), who married young and settled into family life, Jennifer loves being carefree.

But her mother, Kathryn (Hogan), sees Jennifer’s wild ways as a fear of settling down, and hatches a secret plan to take her from playful to parent in just three weeks. When Mandy and her husband plan a three-week European vacation without their three kids, Kathryn convinces Jennifer to help watch them until she can get into town, feigning her husband Russell’s (McNulty) broken hip as an excuse not to travel.

Jennifer quickly finds out playing house isn’t for kids. From sneaking out to schoolyard bullies and boyfriends with motorcycles, Mandy’s three kids make Jennifer realize she has to go from cool aunt to strict parent if she’s going to keep her sister’s trust. But, with a little help from the handsome new neighbor across the street, Will (Christie), Jennifer manages to pull it together to prove to everyone, and even herself, that taking responsibility can be rewarding.

Movie Review:

Loved this One! Super Cute! Very Family-Friendly!

This movie is Refreshing, Fun, and Sweet! Actress, Anna Chlumsky portrays Jennifer Mills, a free-spirit who is totally against making any commitments - whether it be in her work or personal life.

When Jennifer's Sister, Mandy, and her husband go on Vacation (for a Second Honeymoon), the Grandparents are supposed to watch them, but when Grandpa and Grandma are unable to come, Mandy reluctantly agrees to let her Sister, Jennifer, watch them for a few days.

Although, it's only supposed to be a day or two, days turn into weeks as Aunt Jenny falls into the role of Motherhood, while getting some advice and help from a new neighbor next door, who just happens to be a young single guy, who loves to cook.

Jenny has a boyfriend, though, who is a self-absorbed jerk, who only cares about himself. Obviously, they eventually break up just as everything else is going wrong, too. The oldest daughter, Alice, sneaks out of the house - she is caught by police with a crowd of kids who are drinking, the middle daughter, Flo, is having self-esteem issues and doesn't fit in with the so-called popular girls, and the youngest, Miles, a boy, is having trouble with a bully at school, who takes his lunch everyday. It's all a great challenge to Aunt Jenny as she learns to juggle her own life with her commitment of watching her Sister's children.

In the meantime, Mandy and her husband are in Paris. She can't stop thinking about the kids. Through their own disagreements and communication, they both eventually learn how to rekindle their marriage.

All in all, it's a sweet family movie. The kids are cute and Aunt Jenny is so fun and captivating - riding in on her little motorbike and obviously catching the eye of the guy next door, and the hearts of her nieces and nephews, who adore her.

See or Skip:

See, good family movie.



  1. Oh yah! I am SO glad to see her doing movies. I use to LOVE My Girl :)

  2. LOVED this sweet movie!! -Maria


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