Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Three Gifts


The Three Gifts

starring Dean Cain ("The Gambler, The Girl and the Gunslinger"), Jean Louisa Kelly ("Yes, Dear"), Mimi Kennedy ("Dharma and Greg") and Reginald VelJohnson ("Family Matters").

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 19, 2009


Dean Cain ... Jack Green
Jean Louisa Kelly ... Cherie Green
Mimi Kennedy ... Rita Green
Spencir Bridges ... Ray
Donovan Scott ... Santa
Dylan Sprayberry ... Mike
Reginald VelJohnson ... Rodney
Alex Zubarev ... Henry


from Hallmark

A holiday Hallmark Channel Original Movie about a childless couple who invite three orphans to spend Christmas with them and end up falling in love with the boys.

Because their orphanage is being renovated, three orphan boys who are known for being troublemakers temporarily move in with Jack (Cain) and Cheri (Kelly) Green over the Christmas holiday. Rita Green (Kennedy), Jack's aunt who runs the orphanage, asks the couple to take the unruly children during the renovation because they are a loving couple and she knows they will be good to the children. The Greens are unable to have children, and Jack is hesitant about becoming a father. He'd rather invent toys for the couple's toy company.

Rodney (VelJohnson), the toy shop foreman, keeps an eye on the boys who at first visit and then eventually work in the factory.

The situation is working out nicely except for one thing: Believing that one of them will be adopted by the couple, the boys are competing with each other. But they are all in for a big surprise because the couple has fallen in love with all three and are trying to figure out how to adopt all of them.

Movie Review -

This is a precious movie about 3 little orphan boys who each desperately want a family. They have bonded together at the boys home, yet they don't always get along with one another when they get a possible chance to stay with a local toymaker, Jack Green, and his wife, Cherie.

One of the boys overhears the Greens talking over possibilty that they may adopt "one" of them - so the boys tattle on one another and compete over who it will it be.

Three Gifts is a beautiful and touching story about family and adoption.

This movie is absolutely family-friendly... so it's definitely one you can all enjoy together.

See or Skip -

See... wonderful story!

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