Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Delivery


Lifetime Channel Movie for Christmastime airing on the Lifetime Movie Network.


Brenda Song - Alice Cantwell
Lisa Edelstein - Maxine Carter
Robert Gant - Nate Spencer
Michael Cowell - Bill Devane
Stan Egi - Danny Wong
Dann Seki - Dawson
Ned van Zandt - Alan Cantwell
Milan Tresnak - Rudd Weathers
Blade Rogers - Dex
Julie Ow - Naomi


from Lifetime Movie Network-

Maxine Carter is the best bonded courier working in the Pacific Rim. But her next task involves delivering a bratty 14-year old named Alice to her mother in the U.S. amid a bitter custody battle. Little does Maxine know that a trap is waiting for them, and its up to her to keep Alice safe, providing they dont kill each other first.

Movie Review:

This movie was intriging in parts - annoying in others... especially Brenda Song who portrays a very bratty teenager - who is extremely annoying, at times.

There are some scenes with a bit of voilence and guns that might not be suitable for children.

The movie was rather long and just didn't seem to keep my interest. I was glad it had a happy ending... though I was expecting it to be a Holiday movie - and there was only one very small Christmas scene.

See or Skip:

I suggest skipping this one.

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