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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Snow 2 Brain Freeze


Snow 2 Brain Freeze:
This ABCfamily "25 Days of Christmas" Movie stars Tom Cavanaugh (from the TV Series, Ed) and Ashley Williams (Lifetime's Montana Sky). It's a sequel to the highly successful, 2004 ABCfamily movie, "Snow".


Thomas Cavanagh ... Nick Snowden
Ashley Williams ... Sandy Brooks
Patrick Fabian ... Buck
Alexander Conti ... Ryan
Hal Williams .... Henry Mays
Viv Leacock ... Gustavo
Janelle Cooper ... Kaitlin Mays
Jonathan Holmes ... Galfrid


from ABCfamily-

This is The Sequel to the Popular ABC Family Original Movie “Snow,” Which Premiered in December 2004.

Tom Cavanagh reprises his role as Nick Snowden, aka "Santa," in “Snow 2 Brain Freeze.” In the rush of getting his reindeer ready for Christmas, Nick jumps through his magic mirror and hits his head upon landing, causing Nick to lose his memory and forget who he is! With just days before Christmas, his wife Sandy (Ashley Williams) is desperate to find her husband and enlists the help of her old scrooge-like boyfriend Buck (Patrick Fabian). With the help of some new friends, Nick’s memory starts to trickle back, but will he remember that he is Santa in time for Christmas?

In “Snow 2 Brain Freeze,” just days before Christmas, Nick Snowden is so busy with his Santa duties that he forgets all about the early Christmas he promised to celebrate with his wife Sandy. They have a tiff, and he goes out for a walk as only Santa can – right through his magic mirror! A rough landing puts Nick in the hospital with amnesia. Now it’s up to Sandy to get his memory back, so Christmas can get back on track, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. According to Galfrid, the keeper of Santa’s “How To” book, Sandy can’t just tell Nick who he is. For one thing, he’d never believe her and his doubt could put an end to Christmas magic forever. So, with the help of Nick’s No. 1 reindeer, Buddy, and two new friends, Sandy sets out to spark Nick’s memory.

Working the serious “Scrooge” angle is Buck, Nick’s old nemesis. He’ll stop at nothing to keep Nick in the dark so he can steal his secrets and reap the rewards. The only thing Nick knows is that he’s meant to be in an old nightclub on Christmas Eve. He’s in for a one big surprise, and before the night is through, even Santa will get a lesson in the true meaning of Christmas. But will it be enough to jog his memory? If Nick can’t shake his amnesia, will everyone have to forget about Christmas?

Movie Review:

I must admit... as nutty as it was... I liked the original Snow movie better. The part with the magic mirror, however, is a bit "out there". They use the mirror also in this sequel movie to step through magically to get to the North Pole.

I really like Tom Cavanaugh (I was a big fan of the show, Ed) and I like Ashley Williams, too . Their bantering conversations were fun and witty... sometimes you had to keep on your toes to catch all of the dialogue - I love that... reminded me, a little, of the conversations, at times, in the famous Nick & Nora movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy. I only wish they had had more scenes together.

I didn't enjoy much of the time in the movie when Nick lost his memory. And it seemed odd that Hal Williams's character, Henry, knew all about Santa's past and his friends and was having this huge party for him but couldn't get a soul to come to it. That storyline, in my opinion, fell flat. Also, along the way, Nick had befriended a boy, Ryan, who we never learned if he was a runaway or an orphan. I thought maybe Nick would either find his family or adopt him and take him to the North Pole - neither happened. Instead Henry invited him to live with his family. I found that odd because the boy had early on attached himself to Nick and helped him out.

All in all ... it was a crazy - mixed up story ... Nick eventually regains his memory, Christmas is saved , and Sandy finally reveals a little piece of news she's been trying to tell Nick throughout the entire movie.

See or Skip:

See, if you enjoyed the first one.

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